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%% The Editor's Desk                                   by  Robert Niles  %%

I would like to take a little, er space here to thank Jason
Compton and David Tiberio for the help that they both have given me, and
for making Amiga Report such a great magazine. 

Jason has spent quite a bit of time working with companies trying to
get products to review. He also has started the AR CoverDisk, the new
listserv for email subscriptions to Amiga Report, and has been there
to take control and get Amiga Report out when I've been over burdened, and
away on vacation. He's done much more to make this online magazine the
wonderful piece of work it is. :)

David Tiberio as well has helped out tremendously. Out of his own pocket
he has provided the Amiga Online Reference Manual for the Contest, and the
money to mail out the prizes. David also wrote the installer script, and 
the display script that we use with Amiga Report. With all this, he still
takes quite a bit of time writing articles for AR and keeping the contest
puzzles interesting!

I sincerely appreciate their efforts! Thanks!

I would also like to thank SideWinder for donating the Future Shock II
audio CDROM, Point of View Computing for donating Subversion 1.0, Merrill
Callaway for The ARexx Reference Manual, and finally Walnut Creek CDROM
for donating the Aminet CDROM. All of which are prizes that are given away
to winners of the AR Contest.

Last, I would like to thank all of you that contribute to Amiga Report
with articles, ideas, and information. I would REALLY like to thank all
of you who simply read Amiga Report. All of you make this happen!

A month of many thanks!