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 The Shepherd   A "god" game in Shareware
  Dozer Demo    A new, original puzzle game
 TestPatterns   An OpalPaint nicety
 Aminet CD 3    Info on the new CD...
  VideoMaxe     V4.4, a major update to the database
  StarWoids     1.0, a new Shareware game
 Fishing Rep.   Fred Fish updates Amigans
 TimeGuardian   1.0, "more than a cron program".
 Origins 2.0    A new version of the geneology prog
  InfraRexx    An external Arexx control system
  FlexCat 1.3  A quick way to work with locale...
   Drivetest   A floppy drive diagnostic tool
 avmNfax 1.33  Voice mail/answering program