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     Origins II


     Demo V 2.00


     The demo version of the recently announced Release II of Origins.
     Origins II is a dedicated data base for keeping track of genealogical
     information.  It will support databases of over 6 million individuals.
     The user interface is designed to be both easy to use and very powerful.
     Origins will correctly handle multiple marriages, step-children,
     unmarried parents, and other difficult situations that some programs
     refuse to allow.  Origins lists Persons, Marriages, Parent/Child Index,
     Ahnentafel, and Soundex.  It generates reports on Persons, Family
     Groups, Pedigree Chart, Descendants Charts, and Tiny-Tafel.

     Context-sensitive hypertext help is built in.  Origins can automatic-
     ally call your ARexx-compatible editor to create Source and Note files.
     These files may also be written and displayed in hypertext format.
     You can search on any combination of fields or by Soundex codes.  You
     can instantly display IFF (ILBM) pictures of individuals, marriages,
     baptisms, and family groups.
     You can import and export data between Origins and other genealogical
     programs using the GEDCOM file format, and you can generate Tiny-Tafel
     listings for use with the Tafel Matching System.  Many useful ARexx
     functions are included.

     A single floppy data disk will hold approximately 2000 person and 500
     marriage records.  Origins is not LDS compatible.


     Installation is now very easy.  The user interface is improved.  For
     example, localization support displays all information in your chosen
     language (German available now, with French, Italian, and Spanish
     planned), and the graphical interface is now laid out dynamically,
     relative to your system overscan preferences.  Online help has been
     expanded to include virtually all gadgets and menu items.

     AmigaDOS style pattern matching is now implemented in searches.
     Two new date formats have been added, so you may now specify events
     as happening before or after a certain year.  Macro Keys allow
     you to enter long strings with a single keystroke.

     Some reports have been significantly improved, and a new descendant
     report in the general style of the New England Historical and
     Genealogical Register format has been added.

     Record caching has been added, making the access times much faster for
     all complex functions, especially sorts.


     Available for anonymous ftp on Aminet, for example
     (  It's in the directory /pub/aminet/biz/demo, and the
     file name is Origins2.lha (147823 bytes).


     Origins requires V2.0 or later of the Amiga OS, at least 1 megabyte
     of ram, and 2 floppy drives or hard disk.


     The demo is free.  Full version is US$85 + shipping.  Ground shipping
     is included in the U.S. and Canada.  Others please call.


     The Puzzle Factory, Inc.    Voice: (800) 828-9952 - Orders only
     P.O. Box 986                       (503) 935-3709 - Questions/support
     Veneta, OR 97487              BBS: (503) 935-7883
     USA                      Internet:

        In Europe, contact:
     Helios Software             Voice: +(623) 554828
     163 Huthwaite Road
     Nottinghamshire NG17 2HB


     Demo is freely distributable.  Copyright 1994 The Puzzle Factory, Inc.


     Origins and Origins II are trademarks of The Puzzle Factory, Inc.
     Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.


     Doug Sears <>.  I work with The Puzzle
     Factory, and submitted this at their request.