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		   T H E    F I S H I N G    R E P O R T

				by Fred Fish

				Jul 15, 1994


At this point I am completely sold out of the first (Oct 93) and second (Dec
93) FreshFish CD's.  The third FreshFish CD (Mar/Apr 94) and fourth
FreshFish CD (May/Jun 94) are still available, but are expected to be sold
out within the next month or two.  The fifth FreshFish CD (Jul/Aug 94)
should start shipping about Jul 22nd.  Starting with the next FreshFish CD,
we hope to get back on schedule with releases that occur at the beginning of
the month that matches the cover date of the CD.


It was recently discovered that material included on floppy disks 238, 244,
298, and 355 contained viruses.  Considering how long it has been since this
material was released, and that these viruses had not been previously
detected, I decided to simply redo the CD masters and not issue a general
recall of any CD's.  Users that have either the original GoldFish or
FrozenFish CD's can upgrade to the remastered version for a $10 upgrade fee,
which includes the cost of the replacement CD plus shipping and handling.
It is not necessary to return the CD if it was ordered directly from me;
simply send in your upgrade request, the upgrade fee, and the name of the
account under which the original CD was ordered.

I am happy to announce that I will be carrying the new Aminet CD's as an
authorized U.S. distributer.  Both the Aminet Gold and the Aminet Share will
be available.  Subscriptions for both CD's are also available, at $59.95 per
year for the Gold version and $44.95 for the Share version.  There are
expected to be four releases per year, so the subscription is actually for 4
CD's, regardless of when they actually end up shipping.

The only physical difference between the Aminet Gold CD and the Aminet Share
CD is the front cover artwork.  Built into the price of the Aminet Gold CD
is an automatic contribution to the creators of the CD and sufficient margin
to make the disk attractive to low volume resellers and retail sales
outlets.  Users who purchase to the Aminet Share version are expected to
make their own contributions directly to the creators if they feel that the
CD is worthwhile and wish to support creation of future Aminet CD's.


I am happy to announce that I will also be carrying the new Meeting Pearls
CD.  This CD contains about 150 high quality and high resolution fractals, a
ready to run version of PasTeX which includes fonts for FAX and 600 dpi
printers, a ready to install version of the Amiga NetBSD port, and many
other ready to run applications including UMS, DaggeX, a lot of utilities,
games, etc.  Because the version of NetBSD included on the CD-ROM includes
encryption code that is restricted for U.S export, all imported CD's will
only be available for resale within the U.S.


Floppy disks after disk 1000 will be produced by Amazing Computing (PIM
Publications) using material from each FreshFish CD.  They are expected to
start with the Jul/Aug FreshFish CD, so I anticipate that the first batch of
disks after 1000 should be availabe sometime in August.  Contact PIM
Publications directly for further information (1-800-345-3360 voice,
1-508-675-6002 FAX).


Starting with the March/April FreshFish CD-ROM, I switched mastering
software.  I am now using an enhanced version of mkisofs, which was written
by Eric Youngdale, and enhanced by Frank Munkert to make it suitable for
generating the "Amiga flavor" of ISO-9660.

The CD-ROM's produced by mkisofs are 100% compatible with the latest
versions of most 3rd party CD-ROM filesystems, including AmiCDROM, Xetec,
Ralph Babel's, Commodore's 3.1, FastLane, and AsimWare Innovations.  Other
products have either not been tested or have been found to be incompatible
for reasons that are not yet clear.

This software is covered by the GPL (GNU General Public License) and I am
working to get the changes folded back into the version maintained by Eric.
The latest version is included on the Jul/Aug 94 FreshFish CD.


Material for inclusion in the CD-ROM distribution can now be submitted
electronically via anonymous ftp.  Please upload your submissions as an lha
archive, one archive per submited program, to the ftp incoming directory on  Please include a "Product-Info" file in the lha archive.
This file describes the material using a standard format that is recognized
by the new version of KingFisher and by tools that I use to automatically
generate information about the CD contents.  If you don't have a copy of the
Product-Info specification, it can be retrieved via anonymous ftp from, in directory pub/amiga.

If you do not have access to anonymous ftp, you can still submit material
electronically by mailing a uuencoded lha archive to


You can email orders to be paid via credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) to
"".  All such orders must include the full name of the
card holder, the card number, the expiration date, and a daytime phone
number which can be used to verify the order.  We will attempt to
acknowledge all such received orders via return email, and to verify an
unspecified precentage via phone calls.


By special request from BBS operators, I will be issuing a limited number of
a custom version of the April 1994 FrozenFish CD called "FrozenFish-PC".
This CD will have the complete contents of each floppy disk 1-1000 in a
single archive and all directory and file names will be ISO-9660 level 1
compliant (8.3 format, uppercase only, etc).  This means that the CD will be
completely compatible with IBM-PC based systems., unlike my regular Amiga
CD's which are closer to ISO-9660 level 2.

Until the actual demand is known, each copy of this CD will be individually
created as a CD-R "gold disk".  If there is sufficient demand for the CD,
then there will be a small production run made and people who received the
CD-R versions can upgrade to the production version for $5 plus shipping
costs.  The price of this CD will be $24.95 because of the expected lower
volumes and thus higher production costs per CD.


Name and        ____________________________________________________________

Address         ____________________________________________________________




Phone Numbers:  Home: ________________________ Work: _______________________
                FAX:  ________________________

Email Address:  ____________________________________________________________


DESCRIPTION                                     QUANT    UNIT COST     TOTAL

FreshFish Subscription (1 year, 6 CD's)		_____  *  $89.95  =  _______

FreshFish:  ___ Mar/Apr-94   ___ May/Jun-94

	    ___ Jul/Aug-94   ___ Sep/Oct-94

	    ___ Nov/Dec-94   ___ Jan/Feb-95	_____  *  $19.95  =  _______

FrozenFish: ___Apr-94  ___Oct-94  ___Apr-95	_____  *  $19.95  =  _______

FrozenFish-PC: (special IBM-PC version)		_____  *  $24.95  =  _______

GoldFish (1000 disk archive - 2 CD set)         _____  *  $19.95  =  _______

Aminet Gold: ___Jul-94  ___Oct-94  ___Jan-95	_____  *  $19.95  =  _______

Aminet Gold subscription (1 Year, 4 CD's)       _____  *  $59.95  =  _______

Aminet Share: ___Jul-94  ___Oct-94  ___Jan-95	_____  *  $11.95  =  _______

Aminet Share subscription (1 Year, 4 CD's)	_____  *  $44.95  =  _______

Meeting Pearls (U.S. only, export restricted)	_____  *  $11.95  =  _______

                                                     SUB-TOTAL =>  _________

Shipping and Handling (see note below to calculate)        S&H =>   +_______

                                                         TOTAL =>  _________



Add $3.95 per package of up to 4 CD-ROM's for shipping and handling to any
destination.  Shipping to USA destinations is via priority mail.  Shipping
to international destinations is via small packet airmail.  After the first
4 CD's in a package, add $1 for each additional CD.  For Federal Express
(USA only) S&H is $12.95 for the first 4 CD's and $2 for each additional CD.

		      Base Price      Additional CD's           Total

[ ]  Priority Mail	$3.95    plus     ___ * $1       =    _______
     or Air Mail

[ ]  Federal Express   $12.95    plus     ___ * $2       =    _______
     (USA only)



[ ] Cash, check, money order, or bank draft (Payable in U.S. dollars)

[ ] VISA or
[ ] MasterCard  Number: ________________________________ Expires: __________

    Full Name on Card:  ____________________________________________________

    Amount to Charge:  $__________

    I understand that the total amount shown above will be charged to
    the above described account upon receipt of order, and that in the
    event that not all of the requested CD-ROMs are received in a timely
    manner, any unused portion will be fully refundable upon demand.

    Sign Here: __________________________________________


Send or FAX your completed order to:
FAX or voice: (602) 917-0917		Amiga Library Services
Voice only:   (800) 804-0833		610 N. Alma School Road, Suite 18
Email:	Chandler, AZ  85224-3687