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    Aminet CD-ROM 3


    Urban D. Mueller  (


    The Aminet CDROM contains all software uploaded to Aminet this year
    (ie since the appearance of the Aminet CD 2) plus the 300 most popular
    files from the rest. You'll find on the CD:

    - About 600M of compressed software (1G uncompressed) in 3200 archives
    - Over 1700 applications and utilities
    - Over 450 music modules
    - Over 350 demos
    - Over 200 games

    ...and much more. Aminet files until June 15th are included.

    One of the main features of the CD is an all new AmigaGuide based user
    interface. No installation or Shell knowledge required. By a single
    click on the archive name in the AmigaGuide index of the CD you can

    - Unpack the archive to RAM:  or
    - View the images in an archive       (if it's from pix/)   or
    - Listen to the modules in an archive (if it's from mods/)  or
    - Read the text in an archive         (if it's from docs/)

    A program to search the CD index for keywords is included. It outputs
    the same type of unpacking AmigaGuide documents. Also, you can do
    searches for programs on previous CD's and global Aminet searches.
    You can drag a search kit onto your hard disk to do searches without
    having the CD in your drive.

    - Amiga OS versions 1.3, 2.0, 3.0 for the access software
    - ISO level 1, ISO level 2 and RockRidge compatible
    - All Amigas including CDTV and A570 (disk is not bootable)
      CD32 not tested.


    - For the user interface: OS 2.0 or higher, 2M RAM


    The CD is not yet available. It's will be shipping by July 31st.
    However we'd like to see some preorders in order to estimate the 
    demand, and the ratio of Aminet Gold vs Aminet Share CD's (see below)


    The Aminet CD 3 is sold under two different names:

    - The Aminet Gold CD 3 costs a bit more, depending on your dealer.
      But it includes a donation of $2 for the people who made the CD
      possible (mainly me and Matthias Scheler) and for Aminet hardware.

    - The Aminet Share CD is about 30% cheaper but doesn't include any 
      payment for Aminet. You are asked to pay a shareware fee if you 
      like the CD and want to encourage us to keep going.

    You can preorder the CD from (all prices exclude S&H):

    - Aminet Gold  from Stefan Ossowski: DM 29.80
                           subscription: DM 24.80 per CD
    - Aminet Share from Stefan Ossowski: DM 19.80
                           subscription: DM 19.80 per CD

    - Aminet Gold from Fred Fish: $19.95
                    subscription: $14.95 per CD

    Please note that the US price is higher than planned, this is due to
    the falling exchange rate of the US currency and higher than expected
    import taxes.

    For details on how to order, read pub/aminet/docs/misc/CD-Orders.txt
    on your nearest Aminet host (e.g.
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