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 From the Editor's Desk  Saying it like it is!
       Amiga News        News and Announcements
      Reader Mail        The lines buzz hotly...
    compt.sys.amiga      A chat with Duncan Fraser
     Video Creator       A review of the CD32 disc...
     Confusion...        Confusion in the MOD scene
 Innocent Until Caught   A review of the adventure...
   Sunrize/Studio 16     Another review: sound and music!
 Infochannel/Channel 4k  An overview and review
    Second Samurai       Review!  Second Samurai!
      AR Contest         Can't win if you don't play.
   Project Fantasy?      One observer's opinion...
  AR Coverdisk info!     All right!  New Coverdisk info!
  Around the Coyote      Information on an innovative show
    RIP Commodore        Byte Magazine's view on the end
 The Humor Department    Because we could all use a laugh
    Final words...       Just a note from Compton