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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by  Jason Compton  %%
%% Chat with Mr Fraser, C= Canada         %%

I had a chat recently with Duncan Fraser, Regional Manager of Commodore
Canada's Western operations.

It was a beautiful day outside and Duncan would have rather been golfing,
but he talked to me anyway.

I had received his card in the information packed on TeleView (more on 
that later) and been surprised, to say the least.  Commodore?  Working
closely not only with a developer, but with a large financial institution
and telephone service provider?  Not COMMODORE.

Yes, Commodore.  In fact, as Duncan would point out a split second after I
compared his business card to the president of TVI (the developer 
responsible for TeleView), they've GOT THE SAME ADDRESS!

Commodore Canada West lives with a developer.  Wild, eh?

Apparently, it's not too much of a distraction and makes things easier.

Anyway, back to the story.  I was dying to talk to him: after all, this 
was a real business card from a real Commodore employee.  I read through 
the promo material and something caught my eye: VanCity, the credit union
that's the largest in Canada and the home of the TeleView project, would
consider hooking all of its 200,000+ members up to the system, using
CD32s.  The question on my mind, the premise for my call, was "Can you
REALLY provide 200,000 CD32s?"

Dial the number.  Ring ring.  Then...something happened!


Somebody ANSWERED THE PHONE!  A real live phone-answering person
answered the phone!  Slightly stunned, I managed to choke out that I 
wanted to speak with Duncan Fraser.  The receptionist informed me that he
was busy. I identified myself to leave a message, and then she said, "Oh, 
well, you must be calling long distance.  I'll go get him."

Unbelievable!  Of course, at the same time, I was wondering if her 
motivation wasn't to cut costs by eliminating the need to call me back, 

Ah, but who cares!  The acting editor of Amiga Report was important enough
to speak to a live Commodore bigwig.  This excites me because while UK
residents have David Pleasance to reassure them in monthly Amiga magazine
columns that all is as good as it can get, American users have never been 
quite so lucky.  Even with Dr. Kittell from C= Germany around on the net 
to talk with, at home, it's just not the same.

In fact, we're lucky to get word at all from Commodore US, and they
have NOT been answering the phone, no matter how hard you try.

So then he picks up the phone.  Terrific!  We talk and talk and talk for 
about 20 minutes...which isn't bad, considering I'm just some guy who 
decided to interrupt a meeting he was having on a very nice day (he wanted
me to make sure I pointed out that it was a nice day in Burnaby, BC)

Here's a couple of substantial things I got out of that:

In his estimation, Commodore in general could not come up with 200,000
CD32s, let alone Commodore Canada.  However, he added, "But someone
will be more than happy to do so soon."  When I asked if "someone" had
a name, he told me that while I did a good job of asking me, he couldn't
tell me.

He also pointed out how closely Commodore had worked with TVI on the
TeleView project (well, obviously, it's tough not to when you're in the 
same place...) and emphasized that the parties involved were major 
players: VanCity and BCTel, the big credit union and telecommunications 
provider, respectively.

Aside from that, he said he expected the Commodore situation to be
cleared up shortly-by July 15th, possibly.  But he DOES see it coming.
Oh, that and the fact that the concept for TeleView originated "over a 
glass of dark ale, as many of these things do."  How quaint.

If you want to bother Duncan, feel free to at
For the excitement of a live person answeing calls with the word 
"Commodore", call Commodore Canada's Western Regional office at 
604-291-0171, or fax them at 604-291-0737.  Don't bother them TOO much,
though, or they'll get mad at me.