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[Ed's Note: Here are a few replies about Creative Computing that I have]
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From: (Mark Manes)

I was just reading the recent AmiReport and read with interest the
article about Creative Computers.  I thought AmiReport would like to
know that Scala has had a very hard time with this mail order outfit.

Currently Creative Computers is selling the A3000/P package of
Scala MM200.  This package was part of the 'free Scala' bundle included
in a Commodore promotion several years ago.  The packaging is marked
as "Not for resale" etc.

It should be noted that this package will NOT work properly under
AmigaDOS 2.1 or AmigaDOS 3.x.  The only upgrade that is available
is to Scala MM300 via Creative Equipment.

Users are advised to not purchase this product from Creative Computers.

Mark D. Manes
Applications Engineer
Scala Inc.

From: Scott Hansen <HANSEN@Eisner.DECUS.Org>
Subject: Creative Computers Horror Story

Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
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From: (Scott Hansen)
Date: 13 Jun 1994 16:28 -0400
This is a warning to all interested parties that CREATIVE COMPUTERS of
Torrance, California, sells their products by telling BALD-FACED LIES 
about features and functionality.  I certainly will never do business 
with them again and I felt that everybody should be aware of their 
business practices.  Here's what happened:
Short version:  
Prior to ordering a software product, I asked very specifically whether or
not the product contained certain functionality, and I received assurances
that it did.  I bought it, and the product does _NOT_ do what they
promised.  CREATIVE COMPUTERS themselves later confirmed this.  Despite 
the prior promises, they refuse to accept a return.  I am now pursuing 
recourse through VISA.  
Long version:
I recently bought (not from CREATIVE COMPUTERS) a Power Point high density
external floppy drive for my Amiga 1200.  It works great, except for the
fact that the utility I was using for backups (HDBackup, it came installed
on the 1200 when I bought it) did not take advantage of the high density
feature of the drive.  It uses the drive ok, it just writes to the floppy
in its standard double-density proprietary format.  Anyway, since I now
have this high density capability, I thought (silly me) that it would be
nice to have a backup utility that ACTUALLY USED the high densityness of
the drive.  So I read old reviews of backup products and proceeded to call
CREATIVE COMPUTERS to ask them about two products, Ami-Back and
Quarterback. I spoke to a sales-type by the name of JIM HOUSKA, who 
assured me in no uncertain terms that Ami-Back does not use the high 
density feature of the drive (it turns out it actually does), and that 
Quarterback does absolutely write in high density with the Power Point 
drive (it turns out it doesn't) and is also the best backup product in 
the Known Universe. So I ordered Quarterback (unaware that its maker, 
Central Coast Software / New Horizons, was in the midst of going out of 
business).  Not only does Quarterback not write the floppies in high 
density, it absolutely will _NOT_ write to a HD floppy in the HD drive 
at all in any density.  It will write to a DD floppy in the HD drive, and
it will write to a HD floppy in the DD drive, but with a HD floppy in the
HD drive the entire backup bombs right out.
So I called CREATIVE COMPUTERS, explained the problem and asked for a
Return Authorization number and a refund.  No, I was told, but thanks for
asking.  They actually confirmed that my results were in fact the truth;
the blasted thing didn't work, no way, no how.  I spoke to Jim Houska, the
sales guy who got me into this.  I spoke to "Veronica C.", who would not
give her last name.  I TRIED to speak to Veronica's manager, "Bill M."
(Veronica wouldn't give me his name, either), but Bill doesn't answer his
phone and doesn't respond to his voice mail.  Jim Houska freely admitted
that he had promised me the thing would work ("I really thought it would,
honest", he said).  But no, I could not have a refund.  I explained to 
them that since I had purchased this thing with VISA, I had certain 
rights, and that I would pursue a refund through VISA.  They seem a bit
confused by this, but didn't change their minds.
So I packed the thing up in mint condition and sent it to their return
department by U.S. Mail with RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, together with a
letter requesting a refund.  I later received the Return Receipt, proof
that they accepted delivery.  A few days ago, I received the package back
(they had obviously opened it), marked "Delivery Refused - Return to
Sender".  Without re-opening it, I returned it to the U.S. Post Office
together with the signed Return Receipt, and the U.S. Postal Service
happily accepted it for return to CREATIVE COMPUTERS.  I am now in 
process of having VISA issue a charge back against CREATIVE.  
THROUGH VISA.  Why they even bother to try this type of tactic is beyond
me.  There are regulations, I do have rights to protect me against such
thieves, and they will lose.  They are not being very "creative" if you 
ask me.  What is obvious is that they have only one objective:  sell 
product at all costs and by any means, even if it involves lying.  They 
have lost at least one customer, and I would advise all you to stay away 
from them.
Scott Hansen

Subject: Creative Computers

Sooo... How about those Creative Computer guys.. Gotta love 'em  :-/

example #1:

Ordered Pagestream 2.2 (upgradable) months and months ago. I've forgotten
when Kept checking, they said it was on the way. Finally 2 weeks ago I got a
letter (believe it?) that said that it was finally cancelled. I called to find
out where my refund was (I paid by check) and they said I had to send back
"the paper" with either the refund or credit box checked. I received no such
"paper". I still haven't seen my refund.

example #2:

To avoid the check-caching hassles, I had a friend of mine order a Bernoulli
150 external. Well, aobout 2 or 3 weeks later, I received a box in the mail,
but when I opened it, it contained a SyQuest 105. Not even the right form-
factor. Anyway, I called them back for a return authorization number, which
they did give me. I mailed off the SyQuest US Mail insured (the only method
available here on Guam) the same day I had to return my A1230-II to AmigaMan
for modification by GVP. AmigaMan received the package in 6 days; Creative
says they still haven't received it. Yeah. I've had to call 6 times to check
if they've received the SyQuest yet, but every time I call I have to 
completely re-explain the story, at about $1 a minute for the call. Every 
single time they give some excuse for why there is nobody in the receiving
department. Only once have they faxed me back with a negative answer (with
the return address from Mac Mall, no less)
I'll be willing to bet that either they misplaced the package (I'm tracing
it now) or better yet, they gave the return credit to Ichiro Matsubara,
whose Mac Mall receipt was _also_ in the same package that was sent to me
with the proper item description on it. They won't even partially credit my
friend's credit card with the difference in price between the $595 Bernoulli
and the $399 SyQuest drive.

Every single member of my computer club has a Creative Computers horry story
as well.

SSgt Robert C. Nowicki
vice-president Guam Amiga User's Group Enthusiasts (GAUGE)


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Date: Sun, 10 Jul 94 20:28:00 UTC
Subject: Creative! What about GVP?!
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X-Genie-From: G.GOLDBERG3
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I've had few problems with Creative except them also being out of
all their good bargains right after I receive my Amiga World.
But GVP! They just don't care if you're not a company.
I ordered the A530 just after it came out. It wouldn't install
correctly, even with a developer helping me. I returned it.
Oh, I forget: this was an upgrade of their HD for the A500.
THAT wonder failed after 3 months (the fan died).
Anyway, I had to return the A530 3 times in the first few months.
Each time the RAM jumpers were set wrong.
Last summer the '030 chip died. As always, it takes time to get
through to them and convince them that you're not a complete idiot.
Anyway, they sent me a new one.
Contrast this with the dying Progressive Peripherals last September:
I thought I had a problem with their '040 board for my A2000.
They estimated it'd cost $50-$200 and take 3 weeks. Well, it took
exactly 3 weeks, they replaced a chip (not the '040) on the board,
and didn't charge me!