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====================  Around the Coyote Annual Event  ====================

                              A Short History

Around the Coyote was created in 1989 by Jim Happy-Delpech, a French
Cameroonian [West-Africa] art consultant, in response to a need for higher
visibility and greater exposure of the Chicago art community to the
international art world, The goal was to find a method by which the talent
of Chicago artists could be properly exposed locally and then ultimately
recognized nationally and internationally.  The culmination of the idea was
Around The Coyote 90, an event, which took over much of the Wicker
Park/Bucktown area, opening many of the exisisting artist studios within
the district to the public viewing and arranging space to house the work of
other nearby Chicago artists in centrally located donated building.  The
end result was a one-of-a-kind direct dialogue created between the artist
and viewer for the four days of the event.  That first year, 250 visual and
performing artists were given the opportunity to share their artistic
vision with over 10,000 visitors.  The event had also boasted an
international section with a substantial delegation of artists from the
nation of Poland.  The result was to provide a unique view of other part of
the art world to the city as well as to begin to forge a link with other
foreign lands in terms of opening the door to future artistic exchanges
thereby enhancing the reputation of Chicago one of the world's creative art
center.  Now, after a record year that presented the work of 800 visual and
performing artists working in every conceivable discipline and art form to
100,000 visitors, Around the Coyote promises to provide even greater
opportunities to the exhibition concept.  Around the Coyote maintain its
commitment to Chicago that also includes year round program of event and
services including international artist exchange, summer art program and
smaller exhibitions.

                  The 1994 Around the Coyote Annual Event
                           September 8th - 11th

The event is open to all Midwestern artists.  The center piece of this
years exhibition will be a juried show at several key neighborhood
locations that will involve a limited group of several hundred jury
selected artists in many different disciplines and medias.  Some of those
involved in jury selection process for visual art will be Tom Blackman of
Blackman & Associates, Paul Gray of Richard Gray Galleries, Natalie Van
Straaten, Executive Director of the Chicago Art Dealer's Association and
Aron Packer of Aron Packer Gallery.  A special emphasis will be made to
include the work of new, emerging, and independent artists.  The criteria
for selection will be based on the work's quality, contemporary nature and
its exploration of new medias.

                             Around The Coyote

For immediate release - (July 6,1994)				Contact:

VIRTUREAL - A site specific interactive fine art experience.

For four days, the Around the Coyote Annual 1994 Event, held on September
8th through 11th in the Wicker Park - Bucktown area of Chicago, will be the
backdrop of what promise to be one of the more interesting computer
interactive fine art experience held to-date within the Midwest.  The
concept of transition from physical reality to virtual reality will bye the
focus of a project entitled, Virtureal.  The physical site installation
will include a simple maze-like chamber that will contain an interactive
display housed in a monument-like structure which at first glance will
serve to emulate the viewers actual reality within the entire enclosure.
From this vantage point, the viewer participant will be invited to cross
over into the virtual landscape of digitally produced images, performances
and environments create by a small group of regional computer artist
including Louis Jaime, Scott Becker, and Michele Fitzsimmons.  This
exhibition will conceptually bring the viewer/participants into the unique
perspective of the artist and their inner workings and how it relates to
their imagery..  For further information please contact 312 862-8373 or


Louis Jaime ('59) is as a computer artist and animator for a television
station in Chicago.  His career in television started in 1983 as an
engineer, videographer and eventually as a computer artist with the
graphical evolution of the personal computer.

His educational background includes photography, art, design, architectural
drawing and oil painting.  His work incorporates various media, platforms,
software and hardware.  He has also traveled throughout the United States
and other countries exploring various cultures.

Some of his independent work has appeared: 

Computer Artist magazine April/May '94 issue, Gallery section

Computer Artist magazine August/September '94 issue, Cover artwork and
featured artist.

MPC CD ROM - Wirehead:  The Virtual Media Galerie, a total 3-D virtual
gallery environment.

Around The Coyote 1994 Annual Event (Chicago) computer fine art exhibit.

Around The Coyote 1994 Annual Event (Chicago) VIRTUREAL - A site specific
interactive fine art experience.  This is a collaboration of digitally
produced images, performances and environments created by regional computer
artists Louis Jaime, Scott Becker, and Michele Fitzsimmons.

ProControl by Doug Crane/Elastic Reality, as tutorial files.

His sculptured 3-D objects are currently available through Viewpoint
Datalabs, Orem, Utah.


My artwork is a direct manifestation of my soul and experiences through
this journey of life and into the after world.  The viewer will be drawn to
one or all my works out of pure empathy.  It is my hope that for a brief
moment the viewer find solace, as I have, in this electronic environment
and into a world where words have no meaning.

                             - Louis Jaime