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%% Project Fantasy: Vaporware ][                       by Katie Nelson %%
%%                                       %%

Well, since Nintendo scrapped its inital thoughts on a cd-based machine,
its latest dream is Project Reality.  Now, I realize that the news of 
Nintendo and Silicon Graphics teaming up to create the "ultimate" game 
machine is old news, but I recently (okay, a couple weeks ago) found out
that this machine is supposed to retail at $200 US.
First of all, it's supposed to waste other game machines that cost $400+,
with emphasis on the +.  
Secondly, this is Silicon Graphics we're talking about.  Let's see... 
their cheapest computer was $5000 and didn't come with a hard drive last
I heard.  Now, that IS because it's supposed to be a high-end graphics 
workstation.  However, what type of technology could they possibly add 
to a game machine for 25 times LESS than that?
Thirdly, has anyone heard any specs on this thing?  (Write to if you have)  I haven't even been able to get 
info on the type of processor, other than "It'll be cool."
I think "Project Reality" is a poor name for a system no one has seen yet.
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                         K. Nelson