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%% First Look: Second Samurai, part 1                  by Katie Nelson %%
%%                                       %%
This is a difficult game to review.  Although its graphics don't really 
live up to the Amiga potential (in fact, they look slightly better than 
8-bit Nintendo), I can say that the game playability compensates for this
On the subject of the graphics . . . The characters have very little 
animation (if any) when they change their position or orientation.  The
"outdoors" backround is nice, however, but the very very quick rotation 
of the moon around the planet can get tiresome after a dozen or two games.
The backrounds of the "inside" are fine, really.  Nothing to shout about,
but nothing to criticize.
I think the biggest improvement that could be made graphically for a 
potential Third Samurai would be a greater number of colors . . . or at 
least finding better ways to use the existing ones.
What about the sound?  It's there.  It's the standard "this is a game with
an East Asian theme"-type music.  Again, nothing to shout about, but 
nothing to criticize.
I will delve into the playability of the game in the next issue, but lest
you think the game is a waste:  As I said, the playability of the game is
a vast improvement over the graphics.  Quite nice, actually.
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                        K. Nelson