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%% The Editor's Desk                                   by  Robert Niles  %%

First off.... My apologies to all of you. My host (Connected INC) had 
some problems with USWest (our local telephone company). Apparently 
USWest was supposed to cut a line to another city, and instead cut off 
the line to Yakima ...and Yakima is where I live. SO! For almost 3 weeks 
I was not able to log on. Thus, I wasn't able to get the news and 
information to put out to you. We are working on a way to get this out 
to you just in case this ever happens again, in hopes that AR will be 
able to be published without interruption.

Last issue we had an article in that described problems with Creative 
Computers, a mail order company. Apparently the problem described wasn't 
the only one of that sort. Many readers wrote in and described more. 
While I'm not here to judge Creative, or any other mail order company, I 
do feel that you should be aware of what other people are experiencing.
I'm very much a subscriber of the saying, "The customer is always right" 
and it really makes me wonder about the things I've heard about 
Creative. I have placed some of the mail concerning Creative in the 
Reader Mail section, including mail from Mark Manes of Scala.

News about C= ??? Nopers. Unfortunately. I was hoping for something but 
in doing without, Jason Compton talked to Mr Fraser of C=, Canada ...and 
the information from him seems quite uplifting.

OK, Ok, I'll get outta your face :)