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  AmigaNews Minnesota


  Send a friendly message to Jesse Mullan requesting a subscription or 

  Jesse Mullan <>


  This list will be used as a forum for Amiga information in the Minnesota 
  area. It is run much like a newspaper or periodical, but less formal.

  Expect to find Commodore information, Minnesota users group information, 
  snippets of humor, and much, much more!

  Traffic ranges from zero to about a hundred kilobytes, but usually about
  twenty kilobytes.  Content is ASCII-text.

  This list is hand-compiled and edited using a text editor, mailer, and a 
  host of hand-written *NIX shell scripts.  The host system, a Sun 
  workstation is accessed the via a 14,400 baud connection by a VT220 
  emulation running on an Amiga 500.


  This list is moderated by Jesse Mullan, who quotes articles found in the
  Comp.sys.Amiga.* groups, as well as forwarding articles sent to him by
  list-members and others in the Amiga community.

  AmigaNews Mn was created by Jesse Mullan to fill the gap in Amiga news 
  reporting and discussion in Minnesota.  AmigaNews Mn provides a simple 
  way to disseminate information to interested parties, many of whom 
  either do not have access to Usenet newsgroups or do not wish to 
  submerge themselves in the backwash of rumors and flames to find news.


  Due to popular confusion, AmigaNews Mn no longer goes by the name:
  "Amiga Gourp."


  Back issues are available upon request.


  The editor of AmigaNews Mn attempts to follow all applicable laws.


  AmigaNews Mn is freely re-distributable, as long as credit remains 
  with the original authors.