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    HWGRCS at Amiga Patch Level _9_


    Ported, enhanced, and maintained by

    Heinz Wrobel
    Karlstr. 16
    82131 Gauting


    FAX +49 89 850 51 25, I prefer email.


    HWGRCS is a port of GNU RCS done with SAS/C 6.51.

    The Revision Control System (RCS) manages multiple revisions
    of  files.   RCS  automates the storing, retrieval, logging,
    identification, and merging of revisions.  RCS is useful for
    text that is revised frequently, for example programs, docu-
    mentation, graphics, papers, and form letters.

    For upgraders from the old RCS 4.x on Fish 281/282:

        - HWGRCS supports the RCS_link feature
        - No problems with non-ASCII characters

    Special features:

        - File pattern and response file expansion in all RCS commands.
        - Support for .a,.ag,.asm,.fd,.guide,.i,.mod,.ps extensions.
        - GNU DIFF 2.6, GNU patch 2.1 and a N*rton like LP utility.
        - AmigaGuide. docs.
        - I try to _support_ HWGRCS (See the docs).


    New since patch level 8:

    - .mod extension recognized.
    - LP better documented.
    - 'D' protection bit is handled better.

    Bugs fixed since patch level 8:

    - rcsfreeze works with empty paths in RCS_link correctly.
    - No dummy entries left behind in the task list anymore.
    - $AmigaProtection$ changes should work right on ci now.


    >=V37, >1MB suggested, HD required.


    Any Aminet site, e.g.   ( for users
    in germany. Please use the site that is closest to you.




    HWGRCSp9i.lha       Incremental patch to create patch 9.

    NOTE: The above is an incremental patch based on "HWGRCS Patch Level 8"
          If you don't use patch 8 yet, you'll need the following archives
          in addition to the one above to set up patch 9.

    HWGRCSp8f.lha       Binaries and full AmigaGuide. docs
    HWGRCSsrcp8f.lha    The sources
    HWGRCSmanp7f.lha    The ASCII unix man pages for RCS (Note: _7_!)


    I don't declare it shareware as it is Gnu SW, but donations/gifts for
    my support are quite welcome! Donations in physical form preferred.
    Support ~ Gifts, especially for commercial users.


    RCS is distributable under the Gnu Public License.

    For my support of HWGRCS I won't bill you, but I ask for donations (Hear
    me, commercial users? :-).

Heinz Wrobel        Edotronik GmbH:
                    Private Mail:
My private FAX: +49 89 850 51 25, I prefer email