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Some letters to  David Tiberio .

Q. Many readers frequently ask, "Could you please email me the latest issue
of Amiga Report?"

A. Absolutely NOT! Why? I don't get them until a week after they are
released, so chances are when you ask me for it I haven't gotten it yet
either! I just subscribed to the Amiga Report Mailing List, which uuencodes
and emails me the latets issue the day it is released. I merely sent
email to and gave him my return address. He
replied that they have very few subscribers. :)


Q. Many people also ask about the List of Famous Amiga Uses, a monthly
list of people and companies that use the Amiga. "Could you please email
me the latest version?"

A. Well, I wish I could, but it is over 50 pages long, pushing 100k in
size. Most email is not safe unless it is under 32k in size, although
many systems do accespt larger files (I can get at least 100k myself).
In actuality, I haven't updated it since March or so, and it is about
time I release another one on Aminet. I will keep you all posted, and
promise to make them available by request in the mail. I just have to
figure out an easy way to do it from my mailx program. :)


Q. "What is your opinion on the situation with Commodore?"

A. When the time comes, I will eventually have to buy a new system. I see
no reason to abandon the platform at this point in time. In fact, we became
an Amiga dealer on the day that CBM annunced its liquidation at the
beginning of April! I am giving them at least until the end of the summer
to see what will happen. In the mean time, I am buying a Macintosh
emulator. I would prefer an IBM system, but I feel that I can set that as
a goal to meet later in the year.


Q. "Why doesn't my Amiga Report display pictures properly?"

A. Well, it appears our fearless editor misread one of the instructions
that I had modified. Originally, the Installer script generated the image
viewer based upon what display program you had available. The new display
driver supports most viewers in one driver, and our editor had not
included that driver with the archive. Hopefully this will be resolved in
the future!


Q. "Why didn't the AmigaDOS scripts article have working scripts?"

A. Simple. They did work, until my UNIX system ate all the ".key" commands
from mailx, and sent them as "key" commands, which are not valid AmigaDOS
script commands.


Q. "What happened to Omega RIPort magazine?"

A. After saving enough articles for a few more issues, I found that it
was too much work to edit all the articles into a standard format, and
my fingers hurt from typing so much as it is! Maybe if CBM changes hands
this week, there may be a new version out!


On many AMINET sites:

/pub/amiga/docs/mags/ar#?.lha       Amiga Report magazines
/pub/amiga/test/mags/ar#?.lha       Amiga Report magazines

On other AMINET sites:

/pub/aminet/docs/mags/ar#?.lha       Amiga Report magazines
/pub/aminet/test/mags/ar#?.lha       Amiga Report magazines

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I actually got a piece of mail this week, too...

From: (Jason Eyre)
Subject: Editorial
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 19:47:00 -0400
Organization: Kingston Online Services 613-549-8667

        I've been an avid reader of AmigaReport for quite some time and
think that it is an excellent source for information.  But I'm a little
disappointed that there aren't any editorials.  Is there any reason for

[I already replied to Mr. Eyre personally, but it's worth responding here,

Well, I have always considered the Editor's Desk an editorial source,
even if Robert Niles isn't a rabble-rouser. :)  At the same time, my
compt.sys.amiga column has, to me, all the trappings of an editorial.
If you'd like to see more opinion, though, let us know and we'll try to
help.  At the same time, anybody is free to submit opinion pieces to the