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Ed's note:  Just in case you haven't picked up on this situation from
reading my Retina review, here's the official notice, courtesy of
David W. Martin]

May 5, 1994, Witten, Germany

	MacroSystem GmbH of Germany Announces
     NoahJi's Exclusive United States Distributor

Jorg Sprave, president of MacroSystem GmbH, located in Witten, Germany,
is pleased to announce the appointment of NoahJi's as the exclusive
distributor of MacroSystem product in the United States.

Technical support, repair, and service will be handled by NoahJi's.
Software updates for the V-Lab and the Retina will also be made
available at a modest charge for current owners of these products.

NoahJi's is the Amiga board division of Micro Reps, Inc. a 10-year-old
distribution company. Eric Kloor, president of NoahJi's, is excited
to begin distribution of the remarkable line of product manufactured
by MacroSystem GmbH.

The Retina Z3, with updated hardware features and astonishingly fast
software, will soon be impressing the US market. In the current issue
of The Amiga Magazine, Germany's largest, 10 different graphics boards
were reviewed. The Z2 Retina was called "nearly legendary, " and in
price/performance comparisons towered above the others. The only more
impressive board in the tests was the new Retina Z3. Both products
received glowing and strong recommendations.

The Toccata 16 bit I/O board, which has been available in Germany for
over 6 months, will now be available for the US market. The V-Lab Y/C
24 bit realtime video digitizer will also join the product mix of

An astounding new product that is currently in production and will be
available here in July is the VLab Motion Card. This card is a Zorro
II motion JPEG board for non-linear video editing and playback. The
VLab Motion product contains a digitizer plus a video output device
with YUV 4:2:2 square pixel quality and embedded hardware scaling
and a genlock with chroma keying for real-time blue box effects as well
as the compression/decompression JPEG chipset which runs at 29.5 Mhz
peak frequency. The board has composite and Y/C inputs and outputs,
and also features an expansion socket for add-ons like piggy packed
YUV or RGB component transcoders, and an interface for outputting over
NewTek's Video Toaster. The V-Lab Motion board does not require a time
based corrector and can be combined with existing hard drives and
controllers. VLab Motion also comes with MovieShop, a complete editing
software package that features a hierarchical editor, B/W or color
reference stamps, and a time line editor. Perfect interfacing with the
Retina and the Toccata allow simultaneous recording and playback of
audio and video.

For more information contact:

3591 Nyland
Lafayette, CO 80026

Phone: (303)499-1975  Fax: (303)499-1979

[Ed's note:  You know what?  We've carried this announcement before.
Robert wanted it in again, though...]