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%%  The Passing of Jay Miner...                                          %%

[Ed:  Obituaries are unusual in computer magazines, but in this case I
thought it was important.  Here is the text from the message Harv Laser
posted recently.]

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#17766 comp.sys.amiga.misc 2k
From: (Harv R Laser)
Subject: Jay Miner, R.I.P.
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 94 20:16:26 PDT
Organization: The Portal System (TM)

The man known to all as The Father of the Amiga is gone. I just pulled
this posting off his own BBS, "The Mission", posted there today by
his co-sysop.

Those of you who knew Jay or had met him at the many Amiga shows
he attended, please join me in your own private way and remember
this wonderful guy who gave us all so very much.


*--*  06-26-94  -  18:51:53  *--*

DLG Pro BB/OS v0.995 - Copyright (c) 1989-1992 by TelePro Technologies
Serial #PR0335

New Shell process 9
        Welcome to  THE MISSION

        in Mountain View Calif.

      Now running DIALOG BBS system

          (DLG Professional!)

  Your host and SYSOP  Jay Miner  (Padre)
             Co-Sysop Gary Chow

        Sysop hours 10-12am 2-5pm 7-10pm PST

         (unless gone fishing)

 Line 1: 415/967-2021 [SUPRA 14.4 V.32bis]
 Line 2: 415/967-0116 [SUPRA 14.4 V.32bis]

[From    ] Gary Chow                        [MSG 50 OF 51]
[To      ] All                              [Has Reply 51]
[Date    ] Sun 26 Jun 94 13:18
[Subject ] Jay Miner

Jay Miner passed away June 20, 1994, at the El Camino Hospital in Mountain
View.  The actual cause of death was heart failure, but it was the result of
kidney complications.  A private memorial service will be held in July.

He'll be greatly missed and much remembered.