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%% The Editor's Desk                                  by  Jason Compton  %%

Writing this is actually harder than I anticipated.  I figured that being
the editor (for a week), I'd want to come up with something profound to
say.  It's not working.

Instead, I'm going to renew an old plea.  WRITE!  Write to us!  Write FOR
us!  We know you're out there, you keep getting the magazine on the
mailing list, we're almost always on the FTP charts, and we've got about
3 dozen distribution sites.  Unfortunately, we'll bore you if there's
nothing in the magazine.  So, to ensure that there IS something, put it
in yourself!

Actually, you don't even have to do the work of putting it in, all you
have to do is write it and send it to Niles.  HE'S the one who has to put
it all together.

It's not career started with a letter to the editor.  After
getting over the shock of seeing it printed, I wrote the first article in
the long running Emulation Rambler (then Emulation Examiner) column, and
a career of sorts was born.  Try it.  Robert has even been nice enough
to include a real-life US Mail address, so there's very little excuse
for not being capable of submitting articles.

Anyway, on to business.  I think Robert may have forgotten to forward
his mail to me: either that, or there were REALLY no submissions this
week.  I hope it's the former.  I've drawn fairly strongly on and my own columns.  But my own observations and
Dan Barrett's staff of freelance reviewers do not a magazine make.

No news on Commodore yet...they're supposed to have a decision deadline
at the end of the month, but they had one of those last month, too, so
I'm not getting overly excited yet.  I tried to talk to Samsung reps
at the CES, but my results were less than ideal, as you'll read in my
CES report...

Finally, sorry it took so long to get AR out this week.  It's been busy,
there was a lot to put in, and I lost the mailer address.  Again, my

Enjoy the magazine.