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%% Contents of the AR Coverdisk #1                                     %%

This is the tentative table of contents for the Sunday release of the
first-ever Amiga Report Coverdisk.  To get on the list, send mail to and command
ADD yournetaddress@yourlocation ardisk

That's all you need to do.  Delphi will carry the disk, along with about 6
other BBSes.  Of course, from there it is freely re-distributable.

The list:

                     Feature item:  Apple 2000 v1.1

                            Yak 1.59 AR-lite

                              TinyClock 2.0

                             CycleToMenu 2.1


                          Artwork:  Deliverance

(note:  Yak 1.59's appearance is questionable for this issue.  I have been
asked not to release 1.58, but since 1.59 may not be ready, it may have to 
wait two weeks.  "AR-lite" means it will not include the non-English 

Be warned that the ARDisk archive will be rather large in UUencoded form 
(like, oh, 600k).  If demand is high, I will work on splits.  Let me know
( what you think.

See you on the disk...