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%% The Editor's Desk                                   by  Robert Niles  %%

I'm off to vacate!!!! So next week I am going on Vacation! Jason
Compton will be compiling AR221 so that there is no interuption in 
your friendly AR service :)

Not much in the news this week. Harv Laser of Portal's Amiga Zone reports
that Tim Walsh of Amiga World is rushing off to the Bahamas to get the
latest scoop on the liquidation of C=. It looks like there is no
settlement on who is going to purchase C='s technology. Several companies
have laid in their bids and the Bahaman court has told C= to accept the
highest bidder.

It looks like we have quite a bit more waiting to do before any *news*
comes out of the Commodore world, but something is going to happen!!

In other news, there's not much of it this week. Either it is going right
past me, or everyone is waiting for the "final word"

Hopefully next week we can bring you more.

Just in case you're wondering, Samsung is still in the picture, as are
others.... *sigh*

Well I'm off to get my feet in the sand...the last few months have been
real hectic...when problems amount, they always seem to come in leaps and
bounds, so this is a much awaited break to just get away for a bit.

Hope to see you all July 1st!!!!