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%% Wierd Science Network CD Rom                       by Robin Edwards %%
%%                                 %%

Following my article on the CD32 (AR 2.10) I found this new CD from Wierd 
Science and simply MUST tell the whole Amiga world about it. As its name 
suggests, it is a CD of networking utilities for the CD32, CDTV, A570 and
other CD Rom devices.

doesn't do anything spectacular, or anything that your or I couldn't 
have come up with, but it does it, does it well, and does it for a 
bargain price!

From a CD32 point of view (for 'tis what I own), it autoboots, sets up 
all of the config stuff for Parnet, Sernet, TwinExpress and some cli-based
file transfer progs. It also disables the reset mode of the CD32 so you 
can take CDs out whilst still using workbench. It uses a heavily 
customised, and quite attractive desktop that is easy to use (I think it 
uses Magic WB). 

The main advantage of using this over setting up a RAD-based workbench are
that it sets itself up quickly, and doesn't use up precious RAM. In fact,
it almost gives you a fully useable (albeit portless) A1200. Using sernet
or Twin Express on my A500+ over a null modem cable means I can have a 
fully fledged network up and running in about a minute - fab!

Also included on the disk are 500 very high quality images of animals, 
cars vistas, people etc, the best image viewers/converters around, a 
large section of the latest Fred Fish disks, a Photo CD viewer (that 
works!) and numerous other toys and utils.

I cannot say it enough (although I've tried), if you have a CD Rom 
machine, and particularly if you have another Amiga, you need this CD. 
It only cost me 15 UK Pounds from a United PD distributor (you should 
be able to get it from any good CD supplier) and has made my computing 
life a lot easier.

Ten out of ten for the Wierd Science Network CD. I want to have its babies!

Keep on smiling, we may be able to buy our Samsung Amiga A5000's yet.