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%% The Editor's Desk                                   by  Robert Niles  %%

Boy! Waiting for official announcements from C= is getting to be quite
boring!! Meanwhile some of the employees at C= are moving to a new
building. ...I don't know what this suggests to you ..but it give some
indication that work there at C= is not final. C= is still keeping some
employees although many have moved on to work for other companies such as

As far as I'm concerned The Amiga isn't dead until all the ones in my
house poop out and there isn't any left to buy. Call me a "die-hard"
....or hard headed. I feel that something is going to happen in which the
Amiga will continue to be produced. 


Because it is a good platform. The Amiga has been lost in the minds of the
computer users simply because of Commodore. Definately not because it's a
bad machine. It was the wonderful multitasking abilities of a UNIX box,
without the expense and the power needed to make it actually do something
besides give a "login:" prompt. It has an interface that has become
standardized and extremely easy to learn...while keeping it powerful.

In the past the Amiga has become part of an extraordinary catch-22.

Commodore makes the Amiga, doesn't market it though. It relies on the
comsumers to spread the word...and to tell you the truth, the consumers
did a remarkable job...I can't imagine any other platform that survived
under this concept. Commodore can't afford to market the Amiga costs
too much...but without marketing you can't sell. If you can't sell, you
can't make money.

On the other side of the wheel you have the developers who have the
ability to make great products for the Amiga. Some did. Some did but
decided it can't make enough money to justify the effort so they move on
to the Big Blue world. I can understand their reasoning. Lets say you make
the most elegant, beautiful, most needed product in the world and sell 
only a few. Let's say it costs $100 to make the product, but you only 
sell enough to bring in $50. Would you do it again?

Ok...enough babble. I'm telling you this because IF and WHEN someone ever
comes along and takes up the rights to make Amigas again, I hope they have
the money, the power, and the commitment to get onto our television
screens and say "The Amiga is out there!!" ...and actually show the people
that there is a reason that the Amiga die-hards have hung on to this
fabulous machine for so long.