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     SpiroDraw04  - Spirograph(tm?) simulator of the spiral-drawing toy.
                    Simple, fun and addictive!


     This is version 04.  Fixes an ugly GADGET message bug and a couple
     obscure bugs.  Also improved usability of Random and Previous data
     functions in the program.


     No company, just an AMINET upload by "yours truly".


     SpiroDraw04 was written by me, Chuck Kenney.  My particulars
     (address, etc.) are included in the user document in the archive.


     SpiroDraw04 simulates the Wheels-and-Rings-and-Pens spirograph
     drawing toy.  Allows the user to specify different parameters for
     the "Drawing Wheels, Drawing Rings", etc.  The use of a computer
     to generate the SpiroDraw designs actually enhances some of the
     capabilities!  SpiroDraw04 is mouse-driven (MENUs, GADGETs, etc.)
     and provides an easy way to create one's own 'eye-candy'.  It is
     fun _and_ addictive!  SpiroDraw04.lha also contains a very nice
     freely distributable "screen-to-IFF" saver utility written by
     Preben Nielsen (thanks, Preben) so that SpiroDraw designs can be
     imported into "paint" programs.  SpiroDraw04 is shareware but does
     not nag the user in any way and all features are fully functional.


     The user now has the ability in SpiroDraw04 to interrupt a
     SpiroDraw design-in-progress with a Left Mouse Button click.

     Moved the "Random" and "Last" (previous) data functions from
     MENUs to the "Set Data..." user-input window so the user could
     get immediate viual feedback on the "new" parameters that are
     set by these two functions.


     There are no special requirements that I know of.
     SpiroDraw03 has been tested on an A2000HD (OS 2.1)
     and an A1000 (OS 1.3).


     SpiroDraw04.lha has just been uploaded to the AMINET site, ( and should soon be available on
     all AMINET mirrors.




     SpiroDraw04.lha is 57,195 bytes long.


     The asking shareware price is the amount sent to me by my first
     sharware contributor (Thanks go to Bill from Glendale, AZ!).
     This requested shareware fee is $5.00 (US).  


     This program is freely distributable but is a copyrighted (1994)
     shareware program by me, Chuck Kenney.


     SpiroDraw04, and other programs in progress are coming out of my
     basement as a result of the availability of a truly wonderful
     "BASIC-but-much-more!" compiler, "ACE" by David Benn.  I would
     like to sincerely thank Mr. Benn for renewing my enthusiasm in
     programming and for making it possible for me to make my programs
     available to more than just my friends and immediately family!