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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by  Jason Compton  %%
%% More reflections.                      %%

You know, I AM still serious about that disk magazine thing.  To date,
though, I think I have three interested people on the list.  If you want to
sign up for the Coverdisk Mailing list, drop me a line.  I'm sending out
a mass mailing to our AR distributors tonight to see if they're interested
in directly carrying the disk magazine as well.  Remember, it's bound to
be about a 650k mail file...

Samsung...did they or didn't they?  Usenet rumors say that C=
distributors are being told it's a done deal, but nothing official yet.
We'll watch and wait.

Upcoming software reviews from me include MaxDOS, PhotoWorx,
DirWork 2, and Video Creator for the CD32.  Hardware reviews
include the Vortex 486SLC2, the SX-1, and the Toccata 16, assuming
I ever get it to output sound at all.

24-bit video boards?  I'm still trying.  GVP and Centaur finally are in 
the "No thanks, we're washing our hair and can't send you a board" 

Expert Services is supposedly getting one ready, DKB has me marked
down for a Talon, NoahJi's has me marked down for a Retina ZIII, and
Spectronics has me marked for a Merlin, assuming they get some more
that work.  (memory problems, the same think Expert Services told me
has held up some Picasso IIs.)

CD32 software?  Well, British Magazine Distributors seems to be the
source of choice for both of the US Amiga magazines, and I've sent
them off an Amiga Report sampler disk in the hope that I can
prove our worth to them.  We'll see.

Accelerator reviews?  I've sent off a sampler to Micro R&D in the
hopes of winning an Excalibur away for a month.  MacroSystem
Development is building Warp Engines with very long production
times and small profits at the moment, so they told me to call
back in a month or so.

Oh, yeah, there IS a review of Lock 'n Load sitting somewhere
in Robert Niles' mail.  It's a trifle short, and I don't plan to end
it with that, there's more to be said.  Don't worry.

[Ed: Ummm....I don't have it :) Will post it in AR219 ]

So, here's to hoping I get something in motion.  See you next
week, and maybe someone will own the Amiga by then.