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From: Andre Lackmann <>
To: AR <>
Subject: SimCity 2000

Hi Robert!

I was sick and tired of having no answers to the question:

'Will SimCity 2000 be released for the Amiga?'

So I went and asked the publishers! Heres what they said:

#: 80551 S8/Maxis
    02-Jun-94  08:57:53
Sb: #80426-SimCity 2000 Amiga?
Fm: Maxis 71333,1470
To: Andre Lackmann 76711,710 (X)
Funny you should ask... my understanding is that one of our European
affiliates is developing a version for Amiga, and there is a good
possibility that we'll soon distribute it here in the States.  I'll let all
know once there has been a final decision.