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MangaZone Announces GeNe and Maestro
Dear Amiga User,

As you know we are a young and aggressive software house as well as a 
distributor for several products here in Italy.

Even though the recent problems in Commodore, we still are fully dedicated 
to the Amiga line. We believe in the machine and we will be doing 
everything we can to keep it from falling down.

In fact we are now announcing a new product! After the successful release
of GeNe(TM), our stock management and invoicing program with features as 
an over 4 billion client database, product database, and many other 
exiting things, we have started working on a major product that will 
revolution the whole DTP world when it comes to music!

MAESTRO!(TM) is a fully blown Music Processor with basic DTP for 
incorporating words into music. Here you will find fome of its major

-   Easy keyboard input as well as standard mouse input.
-   * .MID readout and layout with automatic percussion transposition and 
    general midi istruments patterns.
-   Template support.
-   Infinite level (Memory controlled) undo.
-   Postscript support for smooth print out.
-   Postscript support is included at the engine level. The display is 
    seen as a low resolution printer.
-   Lyrics.
-   Basic DTP with music and words for printing such products like
-   Top ranges for music istruments.
-   Automatic transposition for istrument with different keys.
-   Score optimization for deleting empty parts for printing a reduced 
    Director's version.
-   Instrumentally reduced score for Director's version.
-   On screen "Score Collapsing" for better section linking.
-   Automatic time calculation based on all time and tempo changes.
-   Up to 256 Staffs can be addressed.
-   And many many more exiting things!

The software will be distributed on CD-ROM, together with the Amiga and 
Windows version. The approssimative RRP should be around US$1000 for a one 
system licence. Multiple platform/site licence can be bough. Tentative 
release date will be on the first quarter 1995.

A Junior version will be available as well as a special pricing to 
students and free first copy for any educational institute who makes a 
formal request (please enquire with us for details).

User manual will be on-line as hypertext. Optional paper version will be 
delivered under request. Details are still not available on the manner 
this will be executed, but of course there will be also a funtion to 
print out the manual on a Postscript printer.

All in all, you can see we are and want to remain fully dedicated to the 
Amiga market and we will continue to develop solutions for this computer
for a long time. In fact by mid June we will be releasing a free update to

For further information you can call us, we'll be pleased to be of help.

Ivan Pintori, Owner
MangaZone Advanced Services
Via Grandis 1
00185 Rome

Phone/FAX: ++39-6-7028966


HEURIS Logic Continues Amiga Development and Support.
HEURIS Logic, one of the premier MPEG encoding service providers
in the U.S., will continue to provide MPEG encoding, support, and
consulting for CD32 and Amiga developers.

HEURIS intends to proceed with their own commercial Amiga
development projects, including CD32 games, for the Amiga and
Amiga CD32, as well as providing continued support and development
of custom Amiga applications for special needs, such as interactive
kiosk displays.

HEURIS has been a registered Amiga and CD32 developer for some
time, and wishes to assure their customers and friends that they will
continue to receive the comprehensive project support and consulting
to which they have become accustomed.

Additionally, HEURIS welcomes inquiries from other developers
regarding collaboration and cooperative support for this ideal
interactive video platform.

Thanks to all other businesses declaring their Amiga support, and
especially to the Amiga engineers and systems programmers who have
given us this sane, inexpensive multimedia environment.  We join you
all in the hope that this machine will continue to play an important
role in the future of computing.

Brian A. Roy
Dir. Software Implementation

Brian Quandt

Jeanette DePatie
Dir. Sales & Marketing

HEURIS Logic Incorporated
1758 Muegge 
St. Charles MO 63303
(314) 949-0415


SJAUG - South Jersey Amiga Users Group
The SJAUG is a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to the
furthering of knowledge of the Amiga Computer.

You are invited to come to our meetings.  There are no dues or fees.
Share your experiences, assist others and stay current with new 
developments concerning the computer industry and the Amiga.

When:  1st Monday of the Month(unless it is a holiday
       in which case the 2nd Monday is the date).

Where: Edgewood Junior High school, Winslow, New Jersey

What:  Members bring software to demonstate, PD disk collections
       are available, CD-ROMs from Fred Fish, Aminet.  The meetings
       last from 7pm to 9pm.

More information can be obtained from one of the following BBSes in
the South Jersey Area:

  The Amiga Zone  -  (609) 953-8159
  Eagle Bored     -  (609) 629-1076
  Gateway         -  (609) 931-3014
  Viva Amiga      -  (609) 227-8278


The Puzzle Factory Announces WinkBug

"Debugging Code was Never Easier"

WinkBug(tm) consists of a small 2-line by 16-character LCD display that
can help you to debug programs more rapidly and to be more productive.
It comes installed in a 3-position parallel port switchbox for added
convenience.  All 25 positions are switched.

As you may be aware, certain types of programs do not lend themselves
very well to the use of a debugger.  The program may be automatically
loaded by the operating system, and not give you any way to "attach"
the debugger.  Even if this is not a concern, the debugging software
itself may change the environment enough so that the program no longer
behaves in quite the same way as when the debugger isn't present.

WinkBug will solve these problems by virtue of being almost
"invisible" to both the OS and the program being tested.  Your program
may write debugging messages to the WinkBug display by means of
software contained in the wink.library.  There is even a built-in
beeper that responds to the ASCII BEL character.  The display speed is
fast enough for all but the most time critical code:  40us/char.  The
code in wink.library is very tight as well.

WinkBug will be useful in debugging device drivers, libraries,
handlers, interrupt service routines, and many more difficult pieces
of code.  Utilities are provided so that you may redirect Software
Alerts to WinkBug or watch task-switching in real time (only 7%
overhead).  Enforcer support is also provided.

Although there are debugging applications where a full ANSI terminal
is indispensable, you will find that for many uses, WinkBug will
function just as well, with the additional benefits of taking up
almost no space and drawing a negligible 10mw of power.

Even if a full ANSI terminal is available where you normally work, you
will find WinkBug indispensable for debugging code in the field.  It
is even possible to build hooks for WinkBug display routines into
your code, along with special access codes.  You could then send the
WinkBug hardware to a customer a continent away for remote debugging.
Imagine the possibilities!

WinkBug is plug compatible with all models of Amiga computers except
the A1000.  No external power needed.


   US$54 + shipping.
   Shipping is $5 in the U.S. and Canada.  Others please call.

The Puzzle Factory, Inc.
P.O. Box 986
Veneta, OR 97487

(800) 828-9952 - Orders only
(503) 935-3709 - Questions/support



WinkBug and Wink Display are trademarks of The Puzzle Factory, Inc.
Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.