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  Editor.Gadget v1.0    BOOPSI gadget for text entry
    QuickTools v1.1     Four small utilities
 Beginner's Guide to E  E instruction manual
     ImageDex v2.1      Front End to ADPro

The most downloaded files from during the week until 22-May-94
Most popular file on top.

File                 Dir        Size Description
-------------------  ---        ---- -----------
PFS75.lha            disk/misc   48K+Professional file system for the Amiga
GBlanker3.2.020.lha  util/blank 166K+Modular screen blanker. 020+ version.
ar216.lha            docs/mags   59K+Amiga Report 2.16, 20-May-94
dog3d.lha            gfx/misc    75K+(AGA) New version of dog3d (looks better +
IntrAdrGuide105.lha  comm/net    74K+Internet Adress book for use Term
sbz.lha              game/misc  339K+Super Battle Zone - 3D game written in Amo
yak158.lha           util/cdity 184K+Yak 1.58 multi-purpose commodity
superview-lib4_1.lha gfx/show   218K+Multi-GfxFormat loading, saving + displayi
my_wolf.lha          demo/euro  271K Demo from The Party 92
tbc21.lha            util/misc   31K+Stylish WB2.0/3.0(AGA) Digital Clock