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     Mark Thomas


     Smail: 1515 Royal Crest Dr. #3259
            Austin, TX  78741


     The editor.gadget is a BOOPSI gadget for text entry,
     supporting multiple lines, borders, two cursor types,
     an optional notepad look, font setting, style setting,
     and much more.

     A programmer who is familiar with BOOPSI can use this
     gadget by simply creating an instance and then adding
     the gadget instance to a window's gadget list.  All
     text editing is then handled by the gadget.  When the
     programmer needs the text in the gadget, he/she can just
     read the text in.  When the gadget is no longer needed
     it can be deleted.


     The gadget requires OS 2.04 and up.  From the user's
     standpoint, for OS 2.04 and 2.1 the gadget must
     be placed in a drawer where the application that uses
     it exists, and for OS 3.0 and up the gadget can be
     installed in SYS:Classes/Gadgets.


     It is available on Aminet.  Aminet's main site is (






     I do not require a fee to be paid by end users of the
     gadget, but the programs that use the gadget may require
     paying a fee of some sort, which should be directed to
     the author of that software, not me.

     The cost for using this gadget in a program is that I
     get a copy of the software package it is used in, at no
     cost to me.  The purpose of this requirement is that
     I will be able to evaluate future needs of the gadget.
     Also, there should be mention of the gadget and author
     in the programs and documentation of the programs that
     use the gadget.  In programs you can drop a short line
     in the About requester: editor.gadget by Mark Thomas.


     The archive may be distributed only in its entirety to
     anywhere, such as ftp sites, a BBS, or a disk collection
     such as Fish disks.

     The editor.gadget file itself, and portions of the
     documentation pertaining to editor keyboard sequences
     can be distributed with software packages that use the

     In light of the fact that I give people the right to
     copy the archive and certain files, I can't actually
     retain a "copy" right, so therefore I am retaining the
     maintenance right (not recognized by law I'm sure).
     This right gives me the exclusive ability to make
     modifications to the files in the archive.


     Please send any bug reports or suggestions to me.  There
     is a fully working example program that uses the gadget
     in the archive.