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%% SubVersion v1.0                                   by  Robert Niles  %%
%%                                %%

Along comes a game in which simplicity creates hours of enjoyment.
The game being SubVersion v1.0. in which you are in command of the
submarine called the Nautilus, armed with nulcear torpedos and short
range anti-ship missiles. (Picture of opening screen)

When you begin, you find yourself in an 18 by 22 kilometer area in the
Euclidean Strait facing anywhere from 10-40 destroyers and 4 opposing
submarines. Supporting you are supply ships which will refuel you as
well as rearm you.

Your mission:

Destroy all enemy ships.


Oh yeah!? Starting the game you see a "game board" in which your
location and location of some of the ships that have already been
detected. You move around the "board" horizontally, vertically, or

On the side of the "game board" is the main control panel. Here
you will find everything you need to play the game.

Torpedos, HMS array system, Missiles, Status, Crew, Resupply, Depth,
Power, Engine, and Auxiliary controls. Which are accessable with the
mouse or with keyboard shortcuts.

Being outnumbered strategy plays an important role. The enemy ships
aren't always detected by the sonar array, enemy submarines are quite
difficult to detect. Adding to that, you have mines, which nicely sink
the enemy ships as well as you. Watch your supplies! You need to
balance your fuel between the missiles and the engines...and you need
enough fuel to get back to the supply ships. You can only be resupplied

A feature I liked is the abilty to use your crewmen as frogmen. You can
utilize the frogmen in close range encounters, and encounters in which
land is between you and the enemy. While they are a great asset, they
don't always get the mission accomplished, nor do they always survive
and return. Capture is possible.

The concept is remarkable simple, but winning is not.

System Requirements:

A500 thru A4000
512k Chip, 512k Fast RAM
WorkBench 1.2 or higher
Color Monitor Recommended
HardDrive Recommended
Copy Protection: CodeWheel


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5050 Edison Ave, Suite 221
Colorado Springs, CO 80915