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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by  Jason Compton  %%
%% Where do we go from here?              %%

Brilliant.  I write some editorials about how it seems like the worst has
passed for Commodore, and here we are, seat-edging, waiting to see
who, if anyone, will buy the sinking ship of C=.  Never ask me for
stock tips.

This leaves an awfully big void waiting under the feet of Amiga users.
Well, it COULD be worse.  I have seen a good amount of developers
and companies come out and strongly support the Amiga.  The only
lukewarm response I've seen was from GVP, whose message can
be summed up as such:

"Well, it's a damn shame Commodore's going down. Lucky for us, we've
started doing PC hardware.  So, sure, we'll sell off our inventories, 
build some Spectrums if we need overtime and maybe release a couple
new things if they were two days away from the first run, but don't
wait up for us to save the Amiga."

Actually, my sum-up was longer, I think, but more descriptive.

Unfortunately, I can't blame them too much.  That's not to say
that I'd do the same in their position, because I'd like to think that
I wouldn't.  Luckily, all of the other press releases have been
positive and hopeful, which is what I'd like to remain.

The rumors abound way too much.  I have made a couple of phone
calls and haven't learned anything useful about who or what
may own Commodore or various pieces of Amiga hardware.
I'd love to wake up tomorrow morning with Commodore and the
Amiga looking into the future, but right now I'm content to know
that it isn't over yet.

CEI just commissioned the CEI A1962 monitor: a successor to
the 1960, this time built by Electrohome.  At least all those 1200s,
if we ever see them again, will have something to output to.

MacroSystem has a new US distributor (strangely, MacroSystem US
doesn't distribute MacroSystem hardware anymore).  The company
name is NoahJi's, and we'll be running reviews of the Toccata 16
(imminent, once I figure out what to do with the thing), the Retina
Z-III, and possibly the V-Lab and upcoming V-Lab Motion boards.

I'm still waiting for my Paravision SX-1, due tomorrow in the mail.

My review of the Vortex 486SLC2 should begin as soon as I can
get it to work.

Sound good for now?  At least you know I've been working hard,
even if I have nothing to show for it now.

Until next time, don't walk the plank.