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%% Compulink Information eXchange                     by Lewis Tyrrell %%
%%                                   %%

CIX (Compulink Information eXchange) is an online community of about
15-20k users (we call ourselves cixen) of all kinds.  I'm not sure of the
exact figure but it's in this region.  The main attraction of CIX is the
conferencing facilities.  Conferences range from the obvious computer
issues to everything from cooking, gardening, television and films and
anything else you can think of.  If you happen to be a llama breeder and
can't find a conf that caters for your needs then you just start up your
own conf and get your fellow llama breeders to join in. :)  CIX admin
don't interfere with the creation of new conferences and won't say no
unless you are breaking the law in some way. :)

Just about every computer that has seen the light of day has a conference
dedicated to it.  If it's a *really* obscure machine then it will probably
be discussed in the cultmachines or obsolete conferences. :)

The Amiga areas on CIX are pretty lively at the moment because of C='s
current problems.  There's a lot of discussion, argument and flaming.
Everyone has a view of what went wrong and how to put it right.  And
everyone's right of course! ;-)

Here's a quick list of some Amiga related conferences:

 alt.alt.amiga  For people too offbeat to be accepted in alt.amiga
 alt.amiga      For interesting people only.
 amidemos       For Amiga Demo Programmers
 amiga          Commodore Amiga Conference.
 amiga.24bitgra Extended graphics for the Amiga      Amiga Commercial Developers forum.
 amigamods      For ALL amiga music freaks
 amreport       AMReport International - Amiga OnLine magazine
 gtb            Discussion of GadToolBox and Amiga Gadget Creation
 ttx            For users of Turbotext on the Amiga
 amiga_fidonet  The Amiga and Fidonet
 pcvamiga       Which is better? The argument rages...
 amiga_dtp      Area to discuss Amiga DTP and download Amiga Clip-art
 amiga-3d       All about Amiga 3d packages
 opalvision     chat and files from Opal tech's 24 bit card
 digita         Digita International, Product support
 amiga_user     The Conference for readers of Amiga User International
 amigashopper   For readers of Amiga Shopper magazine
 cuamiga        The conference dedicated to the fastest growing UK Amiga mag
 jam            Just Amiga Monthly feedback, discussion and contributions.

There are plenty of others. ;-)  Each of these conferences is divided up
into topics for holding files or for talk on a specific subject.

I hope this gives you an idea of what CIX is about.  The Amiga community on
CIX is pretty large and very vocal.  All the UK Amiga magazines are
represented in some way and there are plenty of Amiga developers.  We even
have the honour of having representatives from CATS-US and CBM-UK popping
in every now and again.