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%% The Editor's Desk                                   by  Robert Niles  %%

 AR Logo 

As of 4:50pm Eastern Time...nobody has made an announcement in that they
were taking over what we formerly new of C=.


For the good news though, it looks like things are moving forward
as far as the idea of Samsung taking over Commodore. Inventory of
stock is being made, and other signs seem favourable.

I really don't want to get into rumor mongering though, so I'll
keep the supposed details to myself for right now. Sorry :)

I'm still having problems with the computer...mostly becuase that
"time" thing is short, but as you see, it's not preventing me from
gettin AR out.

I want to thank David Tiberio for the "AR Logo" above....looks superb!!

I also wanted to thank the people that creat the "Think! Amiga"
newsletter for sending me one! The newsletter is fantastic! The
newsletter is a production of the Sittingbourne Computer Club in
England. You can contact them by calling +44 81 952 7719 (EIS BBS)
and send a message to either Andy Everingham or Peter Barrow.

Until next week, take care, and enjoy!