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                               * NOVA BBS *
                  Official Amiga Report Distribution Site
              Support BBS of The Chattanooga Amiga Users Group
                         * Running MEBBSNet BBS *
                         Wayne Stonecipher, Sysop
                AmigaNet 40:210/10.0  40:210/1.0  40:210/0.0
                            FidoNet  1:362/508.0
                 An Amiga Software Distribution Site (ADS)
                 615-472-9748  USR DS 16.8  24hrs - 7 days
                           Cleveland, Tennessee
                     All AR back issues are kept online.
          All new users receive access to the AR on the first call. 
             Any AR issue may be file requested with proper name.
                 To obtain the current issue you may FReq
                     Proper name, AR.LHA or simply AR