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Friday April 29, 1994, at 4:10 PM, Commodore announced that:

"C= International Limited announced today that its Board of Directors
has authorized the transfer of its assets to trustees for the benefit
of its creditors and has placed its major subsidiary, C= Electronics
Limited, into voluntary liqudation. This is the initial phase off an
orderly liquidation of both companies, which are incorparated in the
Bahamas, by the Bahamas Supreme Court"

April 22, 1994 15 people where dismissed from West Chester, and the
Commodore Semiconductor Group was closed. On the 26th of April
engineering closed. Only a skeletal staff of about 22 remains.
3 people at the UK operation. 2 in Germany, 3 in the Phillipines.

New York Stock Exchange has de-listed Commodore Int (CBU)

CEI will contine to distribute Amigas to dealers, and should be able
to meet demand, and continue full service and support. Distributers
in other regions have reported sufficient stock to continue shipping
to dealers.

Rumors reamin! One being that Commodore will simply be selling off
technology to creditors, the second being that there is a possibility
that an Asian company will buy the technology from Commodore and
continue production and developement of the Amiga line. No official
announcement by Commodore has been made.


SIDEWINDER announces FutureShock II  
           Eric Gieseke (SIDEWINDER)
   Audio CD produced entirely on Amiga computers 
   All Music produced with the Amiga 2000,recorded
   direct from the Amiga output through the Sound Expander..
   a plug in Audio Enhanser by Apogee Technologies..    
   Color Cover art rendered on Amiga by Zak Jarvis 
  * Remixed and digitally mastered in a professional recording studio
  * Hi-Fi Stereo 71 minutes 15 tracks TECHNO/RAVE/TRIBAL/DANCE/JAZZ and
  * Software used : Pro-Tracker 1.3  MED 3.22  Audition IV 
  * Hardware used : AMAS 2 audio sampler  Perfect Sound audio sampler 
    The Sound Expander      
  * Cover Gfx art done on Amiga 2500/1200 computers using Imagine2.0 
    rendered at 2000 x 1336 resolution 24 bit
  * limited edition first 1000 individually signed and numbered 
            $12.95 us +$2.50 S&H 
            +$5.00 S&H outside USA/Canada 
     special price for User Groups ect        
     $10.00 per CD in 5-10 packages +$5.00 S&H  +$10.00 outside USA 
          8611 Cape Valley 
          San Antonio TX     
          78227 USA    (210)675-7592   CHECK/MOs us funds
               Audio CD copyright (c) 1994 SideWinder Productions
               Cover Gfx copyright (c) 1994 Zak Jarvis


AmigaWorld --The Leading Amiga Publication--

Reinforces Position of Strong Support in Market

Peterborough, NH (May 3, 1994)  AmigaWorld, the independent, monthly
consumer publication for users of Amiga personal computers, has announced
today that recent events at Commodore Business Machines in no way affect
AmigaWorld's commitment to the market.

Responding to news on Friday, April 29, that Commodore was going out of
business, AmigaWorld Editor-in-Chief Daniel Sullivan stated, "Regardless 
of any change in the status of Commodore's operations, AmigaWorld will
continue to provide coverage of the Amiga market for its readership.  We
believe there are sound reasons to remain in the Amiga market -- namely, 
an installed base of five million Amiga computers worldwide; a dedicated
AmigaWorld readership of loyal, enthusiastic users; and an innovative,
proactive group of third-party developers."

Sullivan added, "We also feel certain that the technology will survive the
liquidation of Commodore through licensing agreements with interested 
third parties -- of which there appear to be many. This is an excellent
opportunity for the Amiga community to take charge of its own destiny and
set a direction for further development that Commodore has not been able 
to provide."

The AmigaWorld staff views this situation as an opportunity to provide an
even greater level of service to its readers and advertisers. With
Commodore's departure from the market, customer service will become an 
even greater priority at AmigaWorld.  The staff will continue to support
everyone involved in the market through such means as phone support and
on-line feedback. By providing strong customer service and up-to-date
market coverage for readers, AmigaWorld hopes to be the catalyst for 
future growth and development in the Amiga community.

AmigaWorld Magazine is published by TechMedia Publishing, Inc., an
International Data Group company. IDG is the world's foremost publisher of
computer-related information and the leading global provider of 
information services on information technology, with over 194 computer 
publications in 62 countries.


WhiteStone presents the ARexx CookBook and the ARexx reference disk

-The ARexx Cookbook by Merrill Callaway

A Tutorial Guide to the ARexx Language on the Commodore Amiga
Personal Computer

* TUTORIAL APPROACH -- Not another reference manual, The ARexx Cookbook 
is a step by step app- roach to learning ARexx, in graduated lessons 
from simple stand alone programs to complex interprocess control 
programs. Along with presenting good programming techniques, a thorough 
treatment of parsing, string handling and arrays insures that the readers
will have the equipment to write any ARexx programs they need.   This 
book makes ARexx easy!  Anyone can learn ARexx!

* USEFUL PROJECTS -- Real programs that do useful tasks make up all the
examples. You will keep the programs you learn on!  Beginners,
intermediates, and advanced users of ARexx will find useful programs as
well as inspiration and ideas here. There are programs to sort your data,
pick out a list of words without duplicates, turn your text editor into a
full blown word processor with Thesaurus and Grammar checker, scale IFF
images to fit your screen, search large text files, and more. Along the
way, you'll learn many powerful programming techniques so that you can
write any program you need for your own custom environment.

* AREXX AND POSTSCRIPT -- There are no other books dealing with ARexx
controlling PostScript, but this extremely powerful combination is
presented clearly by The ARexx Cookbook.  The projects include a slick
utility to print envelopes right from the Shell or CLI.

* MULTIPLE REFERENCE INDEX -- Page numbers for the Hawes and the Commodore
ARexx Manu- als, as well as for the manuals of the application software
mentioned in the text occur both in the index and in the margins of the
text.   Every ARexx instruction and function and every application program
command is referenced thoroughly.

* COMPANION DISKS -- All programs in the book, as well as many more are
available on two disks:    The regular Companion Disk; and a new disk just
for Desk Top Publishers for creating Indices and Tables of Contents using
TurboText and any DTP package that will export ASCII text.

* PURPOSE -- "The purpose of The ARexx Cookbook is twofold:  To bring less
experienced Amiga users quick- ly up to speed in ARexx; and to provide 
some really useful ARexx programs that can be easily adapted or used as is
for real world applications.  This book provides some interesting, useful,
and fun things to do with ARexx that make learning it fast and painless.  
ARexx truly is wonderful, and with a minimum of study, is easy to use.  
Everyone who uses an Amiga computer deserves to become proficient at 
ARexx, because it opens the real power of the Amiga multi-tasking system.
I wrote this book because I went through some of the same frustrations 
you may be experiencing trying to start to use ARexx.  Wading through a 
language reference manual is not the fun way to learn ARexx, but I 
persevered because I sensed it would be worth it. Much sooner than it 
looked like at first, I reached a level of competence that now allows me 
to customize my Amiga operating environment in ways I only dreamed of 
before.  The ARexx Cookbook was written to help some of you get over 
your initial fear of programming and to accelerate your climb up the 
first hump of the learning curve, and to lead you to the level where you 
can begin to use the full power of your Amiga.  For others, at a more 
intermediate stage, the book is an immediate source of useful code (and
inspiration) that you can use to make your own programs in ARexx to 
customize your Amiga applications." (from the Preface)

* ABOUT THE AUTHOR -- Merrill Callaway is the author of the monthly ARexx
Column in Amazing  Computing magazine.  He holds degrees in Applied
Mathematics and Fine Art from Brown University.  A former aerospace
Logistics Engineer with extensive technical writing and programming
experience, he has devoted his full time to the Amiga since 1990.   He
lives in Albuquerque,  New Mexico.

* WHAT THE CRITICS SAY -- "...Callaway goes to great lengths in his
explanations to help you  truly  un- derstand ARexx.  [He] has done a
wonderful job at making it as easy as possible."  Douglas J. Nakakihara in
MicroTimes 3/8/93 (Silicon Valley's leading industry newspaper.)  Deemed
"Best Buy" by Amiga Shopper, the U.K.'s premier Amiga magazine.

* HOW TO ORDER -- Payable to WHITESTONE.  Credit cards: VISA/MC or
Send check or money order or telephone with credit card.  Outside USA,
International Money Orders, Bank checks in US$, VISA/MC only.

Deluxe Set with Cookbook and two disks of examples $54.90 (with Ref. Disk
$64.90) Shipping USA/ Canada Included; Europe add: $6.00;
Asia/Africa/Australia add $10.00

- The ARexx Reference Disk by Merrill Callaway

A Complete Reference Manual for the ARexx Language on the Commodore Amiga
Personal Computer


* A Complete User Manual --  This is the first complete ARexx User 
Reference Manual.  Other manuals, including the original by Bill Hawes, 
as well as the Commodore ARexx Manual, omit several instructions and 
functions.  ALL ARexx built-in instructions and functions are listed and 
described, along with all rexxsupport.library functions and all command 
utilities.  Some information is not available anywhere else.

* Easy to Understand -- The ARexx Reference Disk presents all instructions
and functions in easy to understand, and greatly expanded descriptions, 
written so that the average Amiga User can understand what they do without
being a computer scientist!   There are many more examples showing the 
instructions in context!

* AmigaGuide Hypertext --  AmigaGuideTM format for instant hypertext jumps
between subjects.  All terms defined.  Simply click on a button or double
click on a word to see a complete explanation.  Alphabetically organized 
for browsing.  All programs and libraries are included so that you can 
run this help file on any system from 1.3 to 3.0.  MultiView compatible 
for System 3.0 owners.

* Perfect Companion to The ARexx COOKBOOK -- The ARexx Cookbook will teach
you to program in ARexx.  The ARexx Reference Disk will keep the function 
definitions and formats at your fingertips while you're coding.

* How to Order -- Visa, MasterCard, Check or Money Ordered accepted.  
Order by telephone with credit card or by mail.  Same day shipping.  
Make checks payable to Whitestone.  Address and telephone at bottom of 

* Price -- $24.95 Postage Paid.  Disk comes with a free floppy wallet.

* Special Package Price -- Get The ARexx COOKBOOK deluxe set AND The ARexx
Reference Disk for the complete package price of $64.90  SAVE $15.00!.

511-A Girard SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 268-0678


Area52 presents the CG52 Video Bulliten Board, Version 1.0
AUTHOR: David Tiberio, Area52

CG52 is a full featured video bulliten board system for Amiga
computers and Video Toaster workstations. CG52 creates automated
video bullitens including datestamp and a real-time clock. All
character generation and text placement is automated, yet may be
set using embedded codes. Special effects and transitions may also
be performed. Video may be genlocked with the character generator
using a third pary genlock board.


Any Amiga computer. Workbench 2.04 or greater recommended.


CG52 retails for $52.To order, send a check or money order for
$52.00 + $2 shipping and handling to Area52, 6 Lodge Lane,
East Setauket NY 11733. NY residents add 8% sales tax.


Available in April, 1994.


CG52 Video Bulliten Board may be purchased from your local
dealer. You may also order direct from Area52. Please send all
correspondance to Area52, 6 Lodge Lane, East Setauket NY 11733.
(516) 476-1615 VOICE/FAX.

CG52 Video Bulliten Board is copyright 1994 Area52.
All rights reserved.


AugmenTek Continues Support For The Amiga
TorqueWare(TM) for the Amiga
   Development system and runtime environment for creating and running
   parallel programs within one Amiga or across a network of Amigas

   Programming facility for exchanging values between REXX variables and
   AmigaDOS commands/programs

   Transparent file splitting/joining facility with added ability to
   allow reuse of REXX procedures/functions


  Will sell and support existing products.  Enhancements depend on
  customer demand for them.

Stephen Rondeau, President of AugmenTek

3606 S. 180th St. C-22
SeaTac, WA 98188
Phone: 206-246-6077


AVSolutions Inc. to continue with the Amiga
We've been an Amiga-only reseller for some years now.  That may change
within the next year, particularly if some of our larger products must 
move to the PC (Personal Animation Recorder, SCALA?, Toaster???).

I doubt we will remain Amiga-only, but I certainly plan to continue to
support the Amiga.  I've been doing a good business in used hardware over
the last 6 months, and I expect that to continue.

My name is Barry Kryshka, and I am one of the two owners of this business.

AVSolutions Inc.
1568 Randolph Ave
St. Paul, MN, 55105
V: 612-698-1175
F: 612-698-1066


Prolific will continue to support the Amiga
Pro-Net:        Schematic Capture software for Electronic CAD

Pro-Board V3:   PCB routing package with fully automatic
                placement and routing.

Pro-Board V2.1: Manual PCB placement and routing package.

Pro-Lib:        Create custom library parts such as PLCCs, PGAs,
                Goldfinger edge connectors, etc. for Pro-Board.

Pro-Plot:       Create HPGL and Gerber photoplot files.

Pro-Drill:      Create Drill Files for manufacturer.

  Prolific will continue to support our E-CAD software.  Some
improvements in the user interface will be integrated over the
next year.

Jeff Lindstrom
Technical Manager
Prolific, Inc.

Prolific, Inc.
6905 Oslo Cirlce, Ste. B3
Buena Park, CA  90621

Telephone: (714) 522-5655
FAX:       (714) 994-6435


CLICK! N.V. Will Continue To Support The Amiga

Boomsesteenweg 468
B-2610 Wilrijk - Antwerpen

Tel: + (32) 3 828.18.15
FAX: + (32) 3 828.67.36


1) Amiga dealer: Advice and support. We sell Amiga hardware and software.

2) Distributor for Belgium for:

- DR-3150 Personal animation Recorder PAL and
  AD-3000 Real-time Video Caputer card.

- MicroVitec CubScan 1440 multiscan monitors for Amiga

- Low-profile 72-pin 4MB SIMMS made by NEC for A4000s etc.

We will continue business 'as usual'. We will be supporting the Amiga as 
long as it is viable for us.

Johan Van Houtven. President of CLICK! N.V.


Message from Great Valley Products
Although Commodore International has filed for voluntary liquidation 
and production of new Amiga's has essentially stopped, that does not 
mean the entire installed base will disappear overnight.
GVP will continue to support the Amiga market, it's products, and even 
one or two new releases.  It is natural to expect a decline in the 
third-party Amiga market, but it would be foolish to ignore the 
potential market that exists in the installed base.
It's been a rough road, and it will get rougher, but it's not time to 
jump ship just yet...
Gary Nush
Product Manager
Great Valley Products, Inc.

Intangible Assets Manufacturing Continues Strong Support of Amiga Users
Drexel Hill, PA (4 May, 1994)  Intangible Assets Manufacturing, a software
development and consulting company in the Amiga marketplace, announces
that Commodore Electronics Ltd.'s voluntary liquidation in no way affects
IAM's commitment to the Amiga.
IAM's president, Dale L. Larson, stated, "The Amiga is important.
Commodore is irrelevant."
Larson elaborated, "Even if Commodore disappears and no one else picks up
production of the Amiga, there is a large existing base of machines which
will remain valuable for many years.  We intend to help current Amiga
users to get the most from those systems. Further, we believe that
licensing agreements or other arrangements will likely allow production of
new machines by someone."
IAM's currently available products include Amiga Envoy -- an Amiga
peer-to-peer networking package.  IAM expects to make an announcement of a
new Amiga book soon, and has other major projects in the works for the
coming year.

Dale L. Larson, President
Intangible Assets Manufacturing
828 Ormond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026
voice: +1 610 853 4406
fax:   +1 610 853 3733