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%% The Editor's Desk                                   by  Robert Niles  %%

We're BACK!!!

Along with the "liquidation" of C=, my computer decided it was time to
blow a few chips, capacitors, and what-not. First I found out that my
power supply went out. Big pain, so I sent off for a new one as soon as I
could. It arrives, and the power leads that plug into the harddrives were
messed up....they don't power the harddrives. So I get out this old
external HD box that I had and connect the two harddrives to it, grap an
old ribbon cable, attach the HDs to it, and then I find out that the
hardrive that I used to boot the computer is not working as well. Ieeeah!!
That means that I don't have all the utilities that I used to have, no
AmigaGuide, no editor, no mountlists to boot up the other partitions on
the second harddrive, no mailing list file so that I could inform everyone
on what was happening to me. 

I don't have to mention that at this point, my hair was falling out of my
head with no help from my white knuckled hands.

Somehow since my computer is on all the time, it found out that C= was
having problems, and my computer in despair, called it quits. Either that,
or the lightening storm we had earlier did the trick. I dunno.

Well, these last few weeks, I've been pulling out every trick from the hat
to get things back in order. Well, in order enough to at least produce
Amiga Report. Then I have over 700k of messages, C= info, articles, and
what-not to sort through, read, ponder, etc. and place all the pieces into
a somewhat orderly fashion to get AR out.

Funny what a few problems can do to you. :)

Well, as you all know C= decided to liquidate. What does that mean?
Simply put it means that C= as we have known it will no longer exist.

What does that mean??

I'm not entirely sure. C= isn't completely disolved. The distributers have
plenty of stock to keep the sale of Amigas going for some time yet. What's
more is that there is ALOT of talk about some big Asian company wanting to
buy enough of C= to continue to produce the Amiga line of computers. This
company (as best as I can gather) seems to be the company called SAMSUNG.

I really don't know what that will mean >>if<< they actually do take over
the production of the Amiga, but even if this doesn't happen, the Amiga
isn't dead. It will be quite a while for that to happen. Even if nothing
ever happens to the Amiga again as far as production and such, there is
quite a large user-base out that can't be pushed aside or
ignored. I have a feeling that we will be around for quite a while.

Hang in is developing, and we'll keep you informed on what we
find out.

In the meantime, I'm glad to be back, and I'm glad to have you all back
with me. During these last few weeks, I have had TONS of mail from around
the world --- from all of you, giving me support. 

Also, please be advised that I'm a little bit behind in updating
the mailing list, dealer's list, and such. I should be caught up
by next week.

And until then, enjoy!