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%% Lynx and the WWW                                    by  Robert Niles  %%

For those of you who do not have access to Mosaic, but still 
would like a nice interface to the World Wide Web (WWW) and 
all that it entails, should consider a program found on many 
UNIX sites called LYNX.

Lynx is a user-friendly hypertext interface on UNIX and VMS 
platforms (just type 'lynx' at the shell prompt). There's 
nothing that compares to the ability to run Mosaic, but Lynx 
comes close. It lets you use the cursor keys to browse around 
the WWW, you don't get the pictures and such, but you do get 
the information. Lynx was written by Lou Montulli, Michael 
Globe and Charles Rezac.

Why use Lynx to access the WWW? Because for you, the Amiga 
User, there's quite a bit of information available to you that 
you might not be able to find elsewhere ...and of course 
there's plenty of information that you WOULD find elsewhere, 
but the WWW makes getting that information easy.

There are quite a few places for information but most can be 
accessed through the "Commodore Amiga Information Resource" 
interface (for lack of a better word).

The Commodore Amiga Information Resource is a collection 
items interesting to the Amiga community. Tell Lynx or Mosaic to open 
the following URL:

It is maintained by Michael Witbrock ( There he has 
information about the Amiga, and links to other places that support the 
Amiga in one way or the other. Like:

- Amiga Report
- GEnie's 5 minute news, and Viewport
- Access to Public Domain software and the Aminet
- The World-Wide Amiga BBS List
- Information on User Groups
- The Amiga FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
- David Tiberio's "Famous Amiga Uses"
- And more!

Now there is much more out there...but I'll leave you to find it 
...and I know that there's nothing like using Mosaic, but Lynx will 
get you "there"!