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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by  Jason Compton  %%
%% Promises, promises, promises.             %%

Here's an update on what I've been pursuing for your reading enjoyment...

No word from the 24-bit video companies since I last told you about them.
Not a one.  Not a friendly lot, are they?

I'm working hard to establish some sort of CD32 review column for AR.
Since Liberation has been reviewed into the ground, it seems the column
will launch with the PD collection Lock 'N Load, from NorthWest Public
Domain.  (who had guessed I wanted one for free from the moment he
picked up the phone)


The CD32 has the infamous "AUX" port, which is really a keyboard port
suitable to the 4000 keyboard plug.  (I've heard of hacks to use modems
and disk drives on that port, but we're talking about the intended purpose,
here.)  Users of 2000 and 3000s, with big, unfriendly keyport ports instead
of the small, cute 4000 port had the option of buying the conversion piece
from Amigaman for $15.  The guy I spoke with at NW Public Domain told
me it was a $5 part at Radio Shack: an AT to PS/2 keyboard adapter.
Score one for the thrifty.

More CD32 news:  As early as mid next week, Paravision will send me
a "functional" SX-1 expansion for the CD32.  What do I mean by
"functional"?  I mean it won't have a case.  No problem, I simply won't
rest any drinks on top of it.  I'll throw on a disk drive, modem, printer,
ParNet when they send it to me, and maybe even a hard drive if I'm
lucky and tell you how it stacks up.  I'm looking forward to running
AGA demos.

Yet more CD32 news, again from the helpful guy at NW PD:  Frontier,
which a lot of people have questioned on CD32 since it doesn't seem
to have anything CDish to offer (no 650 megs of speech), was
apparently recompiled in 020 code for the CD32 version.  There you
have it, the exploitation of the technology to the fullest.

Commodore seems to still be alive.  This morning, though (Tuesday), the
stock did an odd thing.  It opened at 1 with a high of 1 and a low of 1  
and a close of 1.  500 shares traded hands.  Now, I'm no expert,but in  
watching the tables I know that on average about 40,000 shares of C=     
trade hands each day and that last week, that number was 210,000 in one  
day.  500's awfully low.  Maybe everyone is waiting for something.
I haven't heard any good rumors about it.  Or bad ones.

That should wrap it up for me this week...I'll have more meat for you
when next you read me.  Until then, keep...whatever you want warm.