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  HWGRCS v5.6.0.1pl8  Revision Control System
    C-Shell v5.37     Replacement for the AmigaDOS CLI
    IconPack v1.0     Package of icons for OS2.x, OS3.x
  CLIExchange v1.4    A CLI replacement for Exchange
      TTR v.1.3        Remove email tag lines
     April v1.0       Fidonet compatable tosser and editor
 DVI and DVILW v3.62  TeX previewer w/ printer drivers
 JForth Pro 3.x Demo  Forth programming for the Amiga
    TauIcons v1.6     Collection of icons FUW MagicWB

The most downloaded files from during the week until 11-Apr-94
Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.

File                 Dir        Size Description
-------------------  ---        ---- -----------
MaxonMAGIC.lha       util/misc  406K+Animated Screen Blanker/Sample Player
wolf3d.lha           dev/misc    50K+My Wolf3D
ViewTEK21.lha        gfx/show   425K+ViewTEK v2.1
ar212.lha            docs/mags   52K+Amiga Report 2.12, 01-Apr-94
GBlanker3.0.020.lha  util/blank 143K+Modular screen blanker. (020+ version)
Imperial.lha         game/think 149K+Board game like Shanghai
gzip124x1.lha        util/pack   61K+gzip-1.2.4 RESPIN 1, GNU archiving util
PowerPlayer.lha      mus/play   156K+User/System friendly module player
woman-cards.lha      game/think 563K+New card set for Klondike AGA
AOA.Sequential.dms   demo/mega  832K+#1 demo at The Gathering 94.