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     JForth Professional 3.x Demo




     Delta Research
     P.O. Box 151051
     San Rafael, CA 94915-1051
     (415) 453-4320


     Mike Haas (
     - Also author of Textra and LCD Calculator
     Phil Burk (
     - Also author of HMSL, FindWindow and HeadClean


     Forth is an interactive software development environment,
     normally tailored for embedded controller and machine
     control applications.  With JForth's comprehensive Amiga
     system interface, Forth now excels at platform software
     development.   Originally created to provide precise control
     of observatory telescopes, Forth contains both an interpreter
     AND a compiler, combining the best features of both systems.
     The interpreter affords interactive access to all language
     features; programs are compiled into native 68K code.  JForth
     programs are compatible with all AMiga models and OS
     versions.  AGA support (3.1) is currently in beta test.

     This is a demo version of the JForth Professional 3.x
     software development system.  It includes a complete
     JForth interpreter/compiler which is fully-functional
     but limited in the size of executable code it will
     produce.  Also, the demo will NOT create standalone
     programs (the commercial package will).  This demo
     version also offers an "Introduction" which can be
     optionally viewed at startup.
     The demo interpreter/compiler includes a disassembler,
     assembler, as well as a source-level debugger.  While
     the demo package does not provide the JForth "include"
     files (similar to C's ",h" files, JForth calls them
     ".j"), MANY are pre-compiled and accessible in the demo
     program.  Similarly, the demo can also call many Amiga
     shared-library functions, as they have been pre-compiled
     for you (the demo package does NOT support adding more...
     the commercial package can call any Amiga library func-,
     tion, even custom libraries).
     Additionally, there is a compiled example program which
     demonstrates the JForth interface into graphics, menus,
     HAM mode, gadgets, etc.
     There are several source files provided, including an
     IFF file viewer, word/line counter and others (all will
     compile within the working space limitations imposed by
     the demo).  Additionally, several tutorials are provided
     for users new to Forth and/or JForth.
     Also provided is V1.11 of Textra, the user-friendly
     Amiga GUI-based text editor.  This is the same editor
     which accompanies the JForth package and can be
     integrated with JForth (even the demo) via ARexx.
     (Later versions of Textra are available and are
     completely backward-compatible with JForth).
     Finally, as an example of a JForth standalone,
     graphics-based productivity application, Mike Haas'
     1993 "LCD Calculator II" is included.


    - Amiga DOS 2.0 includes and library support, 68040-compatible
    - ASL file requester
    - ANIM and ANIMBRUSH IFF extensions to the Picture system
    - ARexx support toolbox simplifies writing command driven
        host applications
    - Mike Haas' Textra editor (v1.11) integrated with JForth
        via ARexx
    - Faster and smarter Clone
    - Profile - code performance analyser
    - ARP and Requester library support
    - New error handling tools,
    - Optional global register-based optimizing compiler
    - Index for manual
    - Improved local variables
    - Tools for Double Buffered graphic displays
    - Numerous other improvements and (gasp) bug fixes
    - Now comes on 3 disks
    - Improved manual with Index

     1 Meg required


     JForth Professional 3.x MSRP is $179.95


     The J4thDemo.lha package is freely-distributable as long
     as it is unmodified.


     Uploaded to aminet, specifically...

     (IP address of
     Also uploaded to Genie, Amiga, Pro/Ami Library, file #1204


     Later shareware versions of Textra are available on the net,
     and are compatible with JForth professional. (The enclosed
     v1.11 was the last Freeware version)