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%% Amiga Report Contest!                              by David Tiberio %%
%%                            %%

The Amiga Report contest is still going on, and it is not too
late to enter. This ongoing monthly contest allows Amiga Report
readers a chance to win software by either solving a puzzle or by
entering a random drawing. The prize this month is the Amiga/Toaster
Reference Manual v2.221, from Area52. This is a 1,000 page help
system for the Amiga and Video Toaster, covering the Workbench,
AmigaDOS, Lightwave, and more ($34.95 value). Also, as a second
prize, we are offering Merrill Callaway's ARexx Guide, a disk based
hypertext manual about using ARexx ($24 value). All monthly contests
end on the morning of the first of the following month. Any entries
beyond this date will be entered into the next contest.

To enter the random drawing, select a number from 1 to 262,144
and send it to me at one of my addresses listed below, either by
the postal service or email through the Internet.

Also, you may enter by solving the following puzzle. The winner
of this puzzle will be decided within the same time frame as the
random prize, to allow the contest information to filter through the
networks, and to allow your letters and postcards to come in.

         The ASCII table contains the alphabetic characters from A
     to Z, in sorted order. This character set is the basis for many
     languages, and should be common knowledge to anyone reading this.
     However, there exists a commonly used set of 26 characters, using
     these letters, in non-sorted order. Each character appears once
     and only once. In this non-sorted set, some of the characters do
     appear in alphabetic order, however there exist two characters
     which appear in reverse-sorted order. Where is this set found,
     and what are the two characters?

To enter, simply let your fingers do the talking and type up an
email and send it to, or send a post
card or letter to:

        Amiga Report Contest
        c/o David Tiberio
        6 Lodge Lane
        East Setauket, NY 11733

In your letter or email, please provide the following:

Your full name and address. Please keep in mind that many of
you may have addresses that I am not accustomed to, so please include
your country or any other information that I would need in case to
win. An email address should also be included, if possible.

You must also include a one sentence or "short answer" explanation
of the editorial content from the editor, Rob Niles, or any stand-in
editor, in the issue in which you read about this contest. You must
also include the issue number. For example, if you read this in
AR213, then include that in your correspondance. Also, the prize winner
will be determined by a random number generator. Choose a number from
1 to 262,144. The closest winner or winners to the randomly generated
number will receive the prize in the mail. Anyone who does not provide
a number will have one assigned to him randomly.

     DISCLAIMER: This contest is being provided as a service to the
     Amiga community and all persons involved in running this contest
     cannot be held liable for anything that costs you money or
     lifetime pain and anguish. Rules are subject to change. All entries
     must be received by April 30th, 1994. Any entries beyond this date
     will be entered into the next contest, if any.

Odds of winning are approximately 1:40 for the random drawing and
1:15 for the correct answer to the puzzle, based upon current entries.

SPECIAL THANKS to Merrill Callaway for donating a copy of his ARexx
Guide for inclusion in our contest!