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%% compt.sys.amiga                                    by Jason Compton %%
%%                                         %%

Hello.  I've decided to change the title of my editorial column to this,
compt.sys.amiga, since it was more clever.

To start, the CD32.  Ahh, what a nice machine.  A group of friends were
kind enough to buy me one for my birthday.  Luckily, they were kind
enough to buy Liberation as well, otherwise I'd have a $400 CD player.
Inside was the notorious coupon, good for Microcosm and Chaos Engine,
in "6-12 weeks for processing".  Grrr.  Ok, well, I'll give CEI a call to
see if the situation is better than that (the coupon was from CEI).  Ring,
ring. I ask the question, and eventually get the answer that it's 6-12 
weeks and they're backordered.  Actually, what it boils down to is that 
it's 6-12 weeks, backordered because Commodore hasn't sent them ANY yet.
They reserved the right to change the titles, too...lucky them, since they
have no titles to give away at all.

I had a point in the middle of all this.  Actually, a question.  I'm 
trying to get in touch with MicroBotics about their SX-1 expansion that 
gives a CD32 a serial, parallel, disk drive, etc. port along with a couple
of IDE controllers, RGB port, a SIMM slot, and the all-important audio in 
for karaoke enthusiasts.  Unfortunately, the Texas automated operator 
tells me that the number which Amazing Computing, my local dealer, and
Amigaman claim belongs to MB: 214-437-5330, is not a working number.
Same goes for their fax line.  Now, neither I nor anyone else I've 
talked to thinks they're suddenly out of business, but I would like to
get a hold of them soon, so if anyone can guide me, please do so.

To answer a few rumors, namely that no Commodore stocks were 
available for sale Friday because of a change of corporate ownership...
C= traded as usual this past Monday morning.  So much for that

I've gotten a few more answers back about 24-bit boards...but no
boards yet.  GVP and DKB have told me "Not right now"-GVP 
because all of their review Spectrums are out, DKB because they
don't have any Talons available for review in the first place.
MacroSystems US and Expert Services have both told me yes,
but have been rather slow in furnishing any dates, let alone
hardware.  No answer from Centaur about the OpalVision.

That does it for random thinking this week.  Keep someone warm.