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%% The Editor's Desk                                     By Robert Niles %%

Commodore is still in business. The employees there working away, even
working on the future AAA machine. They are still getting their paychecks.
Commodore is still producing A4000s, A1200s, CD32s, and other devices.

That's what I >>do<< know. What I don't know is how C= is taking care
of their financial difficulties. Supposedly they have been meeting with
their creditors. We just don't have any news on what exactly is going
to happen.

Alot of rumors have been spread around, mentioning take-overs, buy-outs,
and all sorts of speculative things. The best I can tell you from the
information I am getting is that C= will continue...maybe a bit slower,
until they get some sort of financial help.

I doubt there will be a buy-out. Most likely another company will help
with C= 's finances. I'm thinking Hewlitt Packard here. Commodore has
been working with them in the past, and it looks like they will be
working with them for some time yet. 

So hang in there...and PLEASE don't believe everything you read!
Heck! Discount my comments if you wish. But the best bet would be
to just stick with what Commodore puts out officially.

In the MAY issue of Internet World, Amiga Report was mentioned.
If you haven't seen it, I suggest you un out now and get yourself
a copy. Aaron Weiss ( did a fantastic 
job placing the Amiga among the members of the Internet.
Aaron went through and described just about everything of interest
to Amiga users in the article, from Networking to the World-Wide-Web.

I would personally like to thank Aaron, and Internet World as well.

P.S. Aaron said to look for jokes on some of the screen shots.

OK.....I'll shut just enjoy!