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%% List of Famous Amiga Uses (updated)                by David Tiberio %%
%%                            %%

    List of Famous Amiga Uses compiled by David Tiberio.
    Compilation Copyright 1994 Area52. All Rights Reserved.
    Originally published in the Amiga/Toaster Reference Manual.

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    Area52, 6 Lodge Lane, East Setauket NY 11733 USA.
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    Changes for April 6 1994.

    This compilation may be distributed and published freely, in whole
    or in part, so long as you give credit to the author, David Tiberio.


        While some of these are updates to existing sightings, many of
    them are entirely new. I have added the names of the persons who
    have submitted or posted the sightings. Some were seen by more than
    one person, and have been noted.

    Allied Signal Aerospace, Incorporated, Indiana.
        2 Video Toaster workstations used for internal broadcasting.
        Employee and corporate videos and display monitors.

        - unknown network sysop somewhere in Indiana.

    "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues", television program.
        Lightwave screen used as prop for police artists.

        - Jason Peacock, San Antonio, Texas.

    Rulag, distributor, Germany.
        Commodore Trend Division, using CBM's name license.
        Rebadged telephones, paper shredders, and typewriters.

        - Dr. Peter Kittel, Commodore Frankfurt, Germany.

    "KC's Virtual Reality Cafe", Canberra, ACT, Australia.
        "Pteradactyl", A3000 based virtual reality games.

        - Mark Trenery, Canberra, Australia.

    Amigowiec, Polish Amiga magazine, Poland.
        A4000's used for desktop publishing.

    "Manhatan", Polish radio station, Lodz, Poland.
        A600 used for jingles.

    Polish TV channel 1 and 2, Poland.
        A3000's and IV24's used for commercials and video titling.

        - Kolczan, Poland.

    "Duckman", television program, USA Network.
        Video Toaster used as prop for TV/VCR in Duckman's kitchen

        - Darrell Spice Jr., Houston, Texas.

    "Robocop", television movie pilot.
        A4000's and Personal Animation Recorders used.
        Video Toaster used for transporter effects.
        EGS graphics board, Deluxe Paint, and Brilliance used for painting.
        NewTek credited.

        - Ray William Kulberda, Toronto, Canada.
        - Fox Remy Owen, Toronto, Canada.
        - Mark Thompson, Toronto, Canada.

    Pacifica Cable Television, Channel 8, Pacifica, California.
        A500 and A1200 using DPaint and Scala for advertising readerboard.

        - Ed Vandehey, Pacifica, California.

    Scala Infochannel, multimedia software publisher.
        Remote control and feedback of kiosks using modems.

    NBC, National Broadcasting Corporation.
        Amiga rendered peacock logo used during broadcasts.

    K-Mart, department store, Canada.
        Scala based Amiga kiosks for coupons and blue light specials.

        - Jim Moore, Canada.

    "The Real McCoy", starring Kim Basinger, motion picture.
        A1000 and A3000 keyboard used as prop during bank heist.

        - Bill Bereza.
        - Gary T Houle, Mount Vernon, Illinois.

    Avesta-Sheffield, Sweden.
        23 Amiga based information kiosks.

    Channel 4, National TV, Sweden.
        Animated titles.
        "Jeopardy", networked A3000's (use unknown).
        "The Hunt for the Red Jewel", family programming.
        Matchmaker game shows, using A4000's (use unknown).

    Information Channels, Sweden.
        Cablevision, Swedish Cable-TV.

    Multimedia High School, Stockholm, Sweden.
        16 A4000's (use unknown).

    Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden.
        World's largest spherical building.
        A4000 and Scala used to control 4 Jumbotrons.

    SVT Swedish Television, Channel 1 and 2, National.
        "Hugo", children's gameshow.
        Animated titles.

    Swedish hospital (name unknown), Dalarna, Sweden.
        A4000 with EMPLANT and Vidi-12 for rehabilitation and eye exams.

    TV Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden (use unknown).

    TV3, Scansat Broadcasting Company, Cable-TV, Sweden.
        "Funhouse", television gameshow.

    ZTV, Cable-TV, Sweden.
        "Funhouse", television gameshow.

        - Fredrik Lundin, Stockholm, Sweden.