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%% Amiga Report Goes 24-bit                           By Jason Compton %%
%% A reader-participation review           %%

With the flood of 24-bit video boards of all shapes, sizes, capabilities and
compatibilities, I decided someone needed to sort through the options and
present our readers with a clear, comprehensive picture of the strengths and
weaknesses of every board we could get our hands on.

The problem was, I didn't know exactly what sort of clear, comprehensive
view people were looking for.  I'm sure there are a LOT of questions, and
while it won't be much trouble for me to answer certain ones by my own
motivation (you can rest assured I'll put them through thorough Emplant and
A-Max IV paces), I can't read everyone's mind.

Here's the idea: send suggestions, questions, facts, or anything dealing with
Amiga video enhancer boards to me for the upcoming review series.  I, along
with video guy Mike Hoffman, will do our best to address the issues raised,
answer the asked questions, etc.  YOUR chance to find out the answer to YOUR

It's not that hard.  My net address appears all over the magazine.  But, if
you don't have access to anything that'll do Internetish mail, I can always be
reached at-
1203 Alexander Ave.
Streamwood, IL 60107-3003

So far, I have contacted GVP, MacroSystems US, DKB, and Expert Services.
Of these, only Expert Services has replied, with a one-month pledge of a
Picasso II board.  That leaves GVP's EGS Spectrum, MacroSystems Retina series,
and DKB's upcoming Talon unanswered.  I am also interested in contacting the
manufacturer of the Merlin and Rainbow boards.  If anybody has their
information or a 24-bit video board they don't need anymore and would like to
send our way, please let me know.

I'll report changes as I get them, and the series will begin probably with the
first board we receive.  Until then, keep cards warm.