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Bridal Reflections Framestore 3D Image Processing Volume I

    Michael Jaycox, JPV
    David Tiberio, Area52

        Bridal Reflections, Volume I, allows wedding videographers to
    create an openning and recap from saved Framestores. Using custom
    software, the original Framestores are converted into either the
    openning or recap, along with titles and a professional background.
    The videographer merely stores the desired Framestore, and our
    image processing software does the rest! In a few minutes, depending
    on the speed rating of your computer, the finished images will be
    done. The videographer may then use standard Toaster effects to
    perform transitions between the newly created Framestores. A free
    demo is available which requires Scala multimedia software, although
    256 color images are also included.

        More modules, featuring other themes, will be available in the


        This software requires the Video Toaster, and has been tested
    with Toaster 2.0 and 3.0.


        The Bridal Reflections module and Framestore generator retails for
    $275. To order, send a check or money order for $275.00 + $2 shipping
    and handling to Area52, 6 Lodge Lane, East Setauket NY 11733.


        Bridal Reflections will be shipping in March, 1994. Future modules
    will be announced as they become available. A demo will be made
    available on Aminet.


        Bridal Reflections may be purchased from your local Video Toaster
    dealer. You may also order direct from Area52. Please send all
    correspondance to Area52, 6 Lodge Lane, East Setauket NY 11733.
    (516) 476-1615 VOICE/FAX.

        Bridal Reflections and the Framestore Image Processor are copyright
    1994 Area52 and JPV. All rights reserved.


After the success of the Somewhere in Holland party, a sequel was
inevitable... and this time it's BIGGER and BETTER. From the 9th until
the 11th of July the SIH II - AmiCon 94 will take place in a hall the
size of a planet, with more features than you can shake a stick at!
Competitions, demos, graphics, music and more! For more information,
just read on...
We've got a great hall. With a size of 1800 m2 it will fit a thousand
freaks easily. Tina Turner once gave a concert there! Powerfailures
are a thing of the past, we have enough power to illuminate the entire
city of 's-Hertogenbosch. We will have a huge screen (6 x 4.5 metres)
and a very high quality LCD-projector for crystal-clear projection
of all demos, pictures, movies and more! And ofcourse we didn't forget
the sound.. 1600 Watts of music power to blow everybody's ears off!
You can get some rest in the sleeping hall, and there's showers and
other sanitary facilities for those who like to keep themselves fresh
& clean all the time... The sleeping hall measures about 500 m2
There will be 7 main competitions, each with a first, second and third
prize. The prizes are stated in Dutch Guilders and their approximate
equivalent in US Dollars.
- ECS Graphics competition (pre-AGA pictures - viewable on A500/A500+)
  1st prize:  Fl.300 / $156
  2nd prize:  Fl.150 / $78
  3rd prize:  Fl.75  / $39
- AGA Graphics competition (viewable on a standard A1200)
  1st prize:  Fl.300 / $156
  2nd prize:  Fl.150 / $78
  3rd prize:  Fl.75  / $39
- ECS Demo competition (pre-AGA demos - runable on A500/A500+)
  1st prize:  Fl.750 / $391
  2nd prize:  Fl.375 / $195
  3rd prize:  Fl.200 / $105
- AGA Demo competition (runable on a standard A1200)
  1st prize:  Fl.750 / $391
  2nd prize:  Fl.375 / $195
  3rd prize:  Fl.200 / $105
- ECS 40Kb intro competition (pre-AGA - runable on A500/A500+)
  1st prize:  Fl.500 / $260
  2nd prize:  Fl.250 / $130
  3rd prize:  Fl.125 / $65
- AGA 40Kb intro competition (runable on a standard A1200)
  1st prize:  Fl.500 / $260
  2nd prize:  Fl.250 / $130
  3rd prize:  Fl.125 / $65
- Music competition
  1st prize:  Fl.300 / $156
  2nd prize:  Fl.150 / $78
  3rd prize:  Fl.75  / $39
(each category must have at least 6 entries. Only the first 30 entries
 in each category can compete. All entries must be solely made by the
 competitors. The Organisation retains its rights to refuse an entry,
 or check its origin. The Organisation retains the right to add
 further rules.)
Voting will be done using disks that are handed out at the entrance
(when you pay your entrance fee) so the results can be shown on the
big screen while we are counting the votes (just like they did at
The Party III in Herning, Denmark last december!)
Yes, there's even going to be an inflatable castle! You know, those
big and colorful castles where you have to take off your shoes (hint!)
and an airpressure pump irritates the hair off your scalp because it
keeps running day and night, and you can jump around with your newly
found scene-friends, and it gets really colorful because it already
was, and we might even set up a pair of speakers next to it and play
music to make people jump in sync.
The partyplace is called "Sportcentrum Maaspoort" and is located in
the north of the city of 's-Hertogenbosch ('Den Bosch').
's-Hertogenbosch is in the south half of The Netherlands, and is quite
a large city, so you shouldn't have any problems getting there.
"Sportcentrum Maaspoort" is located where the A2 (an extension of the
E25) and the A59 meet. The route is clearly indicated after the exit
's-Hertogenbosch/Waalwijk. Its address is Burg. GodschalxStraat 63.
A non-stop bus will drive from the party to the railway station in 
the center of the city and back!
The party is held at the 9th, 10th and 11th of July 1994. To keep it short,
here comes the party-program:
Saturday, the 9th:
     10.00 - Doors Open
     14.00 - Official opening of the party with the SIH Demo
             by Reality/Spaceballs.
     22.00 - Deadline of the graphics competition. Both AGA and Original
Sunday, the 10th:
     04.00 - Deadline of the music competition.
     08.00 - Start of the Original Chipset Graphics competition.
     09.00 - Start of the AGA Chipset Graphics competition.
     10.00 - Deadline of the 40Kb intro competition. Both AGA and Original
     12.00 - Start of the Music competition.
     16.00 - Deadline of the Demo competitio. Both AGA and Original chipset.
     18.00 - Start of the Original Chipset 40k Intro competition.
     21.00 - Start of the AGA Chipset 40k Intro competition.
Monday, the 11th:
     02.00 - Start of the Original Chipset Demo competition.
     05.00 - Start of the AGA Chipset Demo competition.
     09.00 - Deadline of the Voting, counting of the votes starts.
     10.00 - Start of the competition prizemoney handover in the order:
             1) Graphics competition Original Chipset 3, 2, 1
             2) Graphics competition AGA Chipset 3, 2, 1
             3) Music competition 3, 2, 1
             4) 40Kb Intro competition 3, 2, 1
	     5) 40Kb AGA Intro competition 3, 2, 1
             6) Demo competition Original Chipset 3, 2, 1
             7) Demo competition AGA Chipset 3, 2, 1
     14.00 - Official closing of the party.
     15.00 - Power down.
Some more words from the organisation..
- There's 800 parking places for the party only!! So don't worry,
  you'll get your car parked :)
- The entrance fee will be Hfl30 for 3 days of great fun! That's
  not expensive is it? What have you got to lose? 
- The things said in this text are only those that are 99.9999% sure.
  This means there will be more fun things that the organisation is
  now busy organising, but we won't tell yet.. come and see !! :)
There's an invitation-intro on its way which will feature detailed
information about the party and how to get there. Try to get that
if you want to know more..
There also is a paper invitation and a smaller leaflet, but I used
the text of those to make this invitation, so you won't find many
new things in there (except... pictures! :)
For really quickly updated information or reservations you can call
'The Southern Tribe' BBS (sysop: Wizz/Reality):
+31-(0)4160-30252 (DS/HST16k8, 030 power, /X controlled...)
Alternatively, you can write to the organisation:
SIH 2 Organisation
P.O. Box 139
The Netherlands
Joost Brugman
Buizerdhorst 23
5431 LW  CUYK
The Netherlands
Thomas Speller
Tongelaar 16
5438 PZ  MILL
The Netherlands
You can even contact us by E-Mail using the following InterNet
-    (Boulderbrain/Reality)
-  (Whale/Reality)