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%% CSM Responds!                                    by Paul D. Hoskins %%
%%                                          %%

I just got off the phone with Mike Levin of the Commodore ShareHolders
Movement!!  Don't go throwing out those Amiga Computers yet!! 

Mike said to let you all know that there is hope!!  On Monday (4-4-94), 
the CSM will be going to a meeting with the major creditors.  These 
creditors are either going to liquidate Commodore or restructure it and 
take over management to make it a "going" concern.  If they dump 
everything, then the money they have invested is basicly lost....the 
company is not worth that much on the auction block!  But if they go 
ahead and restructure...then the debts can not only be paid off...but 
money can be made!!  So the decision...while not made fairly 
clear. Cut your loses now and lose what you've got invested, or take a 
chance and start with a fresh look in charge!  What would you do??  Since
we are talking millions of dollars lost...I think they'll take the second

One of the reasons that CSM has been called in is that they have a person 
that is not only ABLE to take the reins of day to day operations....but is 
WILLING!!  He is wiling to put his own reputation on the line to do what 
needs to be done to make C= the money making company that we all know it 
can be!  His resume has been sitting on Gould's desk for quite a while now
and there has been no real objection to his qualifacation.  The major
stumbling block to date has been that the position that he needs to fill 
is ALREADY filled!  With a restructuring...that position will be filled 
by a person of the creditors choice!  When this happens, the lines of
communication between C= and the Commodore ShareHolders Movement are
already in place.  This person has the ability to move C= into the
mainstream by doing the things that we, as users, already know need to be
done.  Mainly Marketing, Production, Research and Developement!  Doing the
first to first...Marketing to let people know that there is a great 
product to be had...and Production to make sure that the product is there
when they want to bt...allows that last...R& take place at a clip 
that is consistant with the pace of todays users.  

One of the first thing that will be done is a......

Amiga Developers Summit meeting!!

This will be a meeting with the "big boys" of the Amiga....NewTek...GVP...
go ahead, name some more....they're all invited!!  This meeting will be 
the turning point in the focus of the company!  Discussions which will 
point the way to the future with the support of the companies that are
firmly behind the Amiga and her many users!

Mike also want to apologise to those that have had trouble reaching him 
in the past few weeks.  He's started a new job and has been absorbed in 
it. The CSM has not lost it's appeal to's just that his InterNet
Account is in Philadelphia and his "home base" is now in Virginia.  This
makes the "casual" conversation via E-Mail a costly proposition.  More
infomation will be forthcoming as soon as possible.  

Stay Tuned, Boys and Girls....Round 2 is just beginning!!!