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                          * IN THE MEANTIME BBS *
                  Official Amiga Report Distribution Site
                            * Running AXShell *
                            Robert Niles, Sysop
                509-248-5645  Supra V.32bis  24hrs - 7 days
                            Yakima, Washington

                          ******* Notice *******

After 13 September 1993, In The MeanTime will no longer be on FidoNet, thus
we will no longer be accepting File REQuests (FREQs). We WILL be still 
accepting calls and will have the latest edition of Amiga Report online.
Downloads to first time callers are still accepted. 

Those who call for the latest edition of Amiga Report, and who do not with
to establish an account, at the first login: prompt type "bbs", at the
second login: prompt type "guest".

Once in type "ARMAG" (without the quotes) at any prompt.