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%% CD32 - Short Reviews           by Jukka O. Kauppinen and Alan Buxey %%
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CD32 - Short Reviews of the software
by Jukka O. Kauppinen (Finland) and Alan Buxey (England)
D/Generation RRP: 29.99
You probably know what this is about. Guy running around
a building where strange things happen. D/Generation has
got loose! Overall the game is very much like the floppy
(AGA or not) version. In fact, it's identical. Only the
intro is a bit longer, and controls have been remapped

for CD32's joypad. Joypad isn't the best possible
thing for this game, as controlling the guy is sometimes
too inaccurate and you try to walk on walls etc.
Anyway the game is great adventuring and puzzle solving,
if you can get over the funny gfx that almost don't
have colours at all.
When I first slipped this disc in i thought "what the..."
the graphics really are minimalistic - harking back to
the old isometric days (though not as monochromed as "head
over heels" on the speccy). But after spending a few hours
playing i realized how indepth the game really was. Its
certainly a puzzler to contend with. Control with the
standard joypad is a real pain - but its mapped for it
so no joystick option. BTW, I remember the floppy version
wasn't a success. A matter of taste, try before you buy.

Saving: saves games at CD32's flash ram.
                Jukka           Alan
GFX:            ***             ***(very bare)

Sound:          ***             ***

Playability:    ***             ***
Lastability:    ****            ***
Overall:        ****            *** - an average game.
Diggers/Oscar  RRP: 29.99

Commodore CD32 disk (Millenium/Flair)

These games come with CD32. Diggers is interesting and
good looking/sounding game of gem digging and strategy
while Oscar is basic platformer. 

Oscar looks great. It uses lots of copper-colours at
background, and has very beautiful fore/background
graphics. But gameplay sucks. There's nothing that
keeps you playing and coming back time after time.
Diggers is quite good, while Oscar fails.
Diggers was hyped up by the press to be THE puzzle game 
1993, but for me is simply does not cut the mustard (as
the expresion goes). The graphics are nice (AGA) and
the mellow sounds from the CD make for an interesting
atmosphere but the shallow (and VERY slow) gameplay
just trash the game.

Oscar is far too colourful for its own good the baddies
are hard to see but the sound IS good and a generous
amount of continues are given for a platformer. The first
of its genre for the CD32. The game had a nice idea, but
the execution of this idea failed miserably.
All I can say is thank god this Disc came with the CD32
I wouldn't like to have bought it - there again, it gives
bad impressions of CD32 capabilities..
RATINGS (Diggers/Oscar)
                Jukka           Alan                            
GFX:            ****/****       ****/***(too many)
Sound:          ****/***        ****/****
Playability:    ***/***         ***/**
Lastability:    ***/*           **/*
Overall:        ****/**         ***/**

John Barnes European Football RRP: 14.99
Krisalis Software/Buzz cheapo label

Puke flows when you play this game. Just terrible. It's
ages since I've seen football game so full of bullshit
as this. Looks bad, sounds a bit good and plays awfully.
No way I would touch this again.

Is this a joke? Come on, April the 1st 's not for another few
weeks yet! - seriously, I had the same vomiting problems as Jukka
when I played this title. It really is CRAP. The graphics take
me back to the old soccer days (the days we'd rather forget!!)

The graphics dont even seem to take up 1 colours, let alone 32!
The sound is the only saving grace here - some nice chants and
fx, but the control is awful! If you WANT a soccer game - but
already have Sensi or dont like Sensi, then wait for Krisalis
to release "Man. Utd. Euro. Leag. Champ." as it will be much
better - even Easy AMOS experts can beat this!
                Jukka           Alan
GFX:            **              *
Sound:          ***             ***
Playability:    **              **

Lastability:    *               *
Overall:        **              **


Pinball Fantasies RRP: 29.99
21st Century Entertainment
THE pinball game, of all times. THE glory of 256-colour
AGA-graphics with CD-sound? Not quite. GFX look great,
though their AGA enhancement hasn't been so complete
as one could wish. Anyway the fields look very good.
Game sounds are the old ones, no CD quality here.
As far as gameplay and outlook goes, CD32 version
is 99% identical to the old one. Though compared to

OCS-version this HAS some new things, the 32-bit
maths routines are bit more efficient and gameplay
is remarkable faster - even so much that one guy who

has previously played PF on A500 couldn't get practically
any points as he was used to the "slowness" of A500-version.

Cool. BUT, this is anyway cool. CD-soundtrack at beginning
is nice, but the great thing is that it's all so easy now!

Throw disk in, go and play. No disk swapping, or

password completion. Yes - there is no pw-protection on
CD! This makes be believe to CD-platform!

It's not worlds greatest achievment on CD-technology, but
as game it's supercool. A must to own.

You like pinball? Good! Well then, you should get a copy of
this game then - it'll save you a fortune on that addiction of
yours! Seriously, though its not as good as actually playing
fields such as "indiana jones" and "dr who" - not to mention
"twilight zone" ;) it gives them a run for their money.
Graphically this version is the AGA floppy version on a disc.
Loading is extremely quick! and their is no manual protection.
The music is also better. But for CD, they could have at least
added proper pinball sounds - AND put the pinball dreams fields
on the same disc (though they had problems due to P.Dreams

not being OS friendly). This is still one helluva game to own
at any rate. But I wish the flipper controls were on the top

2 "action" buttons rather than on the joypad and red button
Saving highscores: are saved to flash ram.

                Jukka           Alan
GFX:            ****            ****

Sound:          ****            ****
Playability:    *****           *****
Lastability:    *****           ****
Overall:        *****           ****

Sensible Soccer RRP: 14.99

Sensible Software

Woah, the cool soccer game on CD? What's new? Well,
not much really. CD sound and European datadisk, but
not much more. But if you don't have this (on Amiga)
already, then SS is The soccer game to have.*

Well, heres Sensi on the CD, so what do we get for the 
cash? Not a lot more than version 1.1 of the floppy
actually. There are LESS crowd chants and the total 
atmosphere of the game is lost. This version has less
features than the latest Megadrive version - its only
saving grace is the low price. Oh yes, I almost forgot,
control on the Standard C= controller is also diabolical
- I can't wait 'til Cheater bring out their joypad range!



                Jukka           Alan
GFX:            ***             ***(no AGA)
Sound:          ****            ***
Playability:    ****            **  (**** with joystick)

Lastability:    ****            ****
Overall:        ****            *** - could have been better, oh yes.


Jukka Kauppinen:

Alan Buxey: