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%% Amiga Report Contest                               by David Tiberio %%
%%                            %%

        I brought up the idea to Rob Niles that we could hold a monthly
    contest to Amiga Report readers, and he agreed. After discussing it
    briefly, I was asked to create some sort of entry contest method
    that people could enter with. After much thought, I decided that
    the best way for people to enter the contest is simply to send a
    letter. Sure, i thought of various tricks and puzzles, but I have
    a tendency to make them very hard. :)

        The prize for the contest will be computer software. The first
    prize will be the latest version of the Amiga/Toaster Reference
    Manual from Area52 software. This is a 1000 page AmigaGuide document
    on disk, including pictures. It covers AmigaDOS, the Workbench,
    Lightwave 3D, over 500 questions & answers, and a dictionary of
    over 800 words. A perfect prize for people who know nothing or
    very little about using the Amiga, or just to learn all the little
    tricks and tips such as writing AmigaDOS scripts. This has a retail
    value of $34.95, and is usre to help many Amiga Report readers.
        Runner-up prizes will also be available. These will include
    older versions of the same package that are no longer shipping.
    The winner of this and all other prizes will be selected randomly
    from a random number generator.
        Also, the first person to solve the following puzzle will win
    a copy of the first prize (in addition to the other winner)

            Recently I purchased a MasterLock combination lock. The
        numbers on the lock are marked from 0 - 35. To open the lock,
        it must be turned to the first number, the second number, and
        then a third number. How many combinations are possible? Keep
        in mind that this is a trick question. Please provide the
        answer along with the formula used to derive the answer.

        We will give it a test run to see how things work out. To enter,
    simply send an email to me at, or
    send a printed letter via "snail mail" through your local post
    office to:

        Amiga Report Contest
        c/o David Tiberio
        6 Lodge Lane
        East Setauket, NY 11733

        In your letter or email, please provide the following:

        Your full name and address. Please keep in mind that many of
    you may have addresses that I am not accustomed to, so please include
    your country or any other information that I would need in case to
    win. An email address should also be included, if possible.

        You must also include a one sentence or "short answer" explanation
    of the editorial content from the editor, Rob Niles, or any stand-in
    editor, in the issue in which you read about this contest. You must
    also include the issue number. For example, if you read this in
    AR213, then include that in your correspondance. Also, the prize winner
    will be determined by a random number generator. Choose a number from
    1 to 262,144. The closest winner or winners to the randomly generated
    number will receive the prize in the mail. Anyone who does not provide
    a number will have one assigned to him randomly.

        DISCLAIMER: This contest is being provided as a service to the
        Amiga community and all persons involved in running this contest
        cannot be held liable for anything that costs you money or
        lifetime pain and anguish. Rules are subject to change. All entries
        must be received by April 30th, 1994. Any entries beyond this date
        will be entered into the next contest, if any.