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Subject: Re:  New colums

I used to get a magazine which had a lot of little programs sent in by 
users. This used to get alot of reader participation.  The programs would
not be limited to a topic.  One issue the program maybe a utility next 
issue a game. Since we don't want to make the AR file to large for 
downloading. I was thinking to have the readers send in programs that they
have writen. The only limit to the programs would be they have to be under
20K arc'ed, or 10K if you think that 20K will add to much size to AR.  The
programs would be arc'ed in with AR.  And there would be a discription of
the program inside AR.


This issues program is "CRLF"
Writen by Eric Stringer [NES@DELPHI.COM]
Programed in E.

CRLF is a utility program to remove the Carrage return or Line feed from a
text file.  

USEAGE:  From cli type "CRLF inputfile  outputfile -options"
         options are one of the following: -LF = remove line feed, -CR =
         remove carrage return.

You will find the file as "CRLF.LHA" inside the AR arcive.


  Yep there are a few rules.  Of course the program or programs must
be under 20K arc'd (Lha please).  Please include with your program a short
discription with your name, mail or INTERNET address and the language you
used (Programing language that is).  Also include instructions.  

[ ED - How about it?? If you're interested in this send mail to either ]
[ myself or to NES@DELPHI.COM, and let us know what you think!         ]